Monday, 10 April 2017


Good Morning Beauties,

It's good to be back after a short break, my ISP was off and it took me a whole week for them to get me connected.

Recently while i was walking in Edgars (don't actually shop there) i spotted on a display some nail polishes and i've noticed these polishes that was on sale. I do love a good nail polish to be honest. I have more nail polishes in my room than books!  Those that know me really well will confirm it.  I would easily read a good book till the early morning hours. Every month i purchase two lovely Mills & Boon books from Crazy Store! It's my leisure time activity just before sleeping. 

BRAND: Design
SHADE: Really Red (Item No: 2217) - 5ml
PRICE: R12.95 - Sale: R8.68

When my eyes noticed this particular shade i just had to buy this baby. Red are such a classic nail polish colour.  I don't think it would never be out of fashion - it's statement colour!

Application: It's a new brand for me so i didn't know what to expect, but i can tell you that the formula are runny so be careful.  I have applied two thin coats to achieve opacity and it really looks great.   What i find about this polish that i enjoy very much are that it's dries rather quick, with my other polish I have to wait much longer without getting any smudges.

It's a bold nail polish shade that are rather bold, but it looks so beautiful on fair skin tones.

What's your favourite Red Shade nail polish and brand? Do you like this colour and would you paint your nails with it?

Have a wonderful week ahead Beauties,


  1. Red nails, you cant never go wrong with them.

  2. I love a good red, so I'd definitely wear this colour! I don't know that I have a favorite though- I like far too many to narrow it down!

    1. I have a few colour(s) that fall in the same spectrum! BLUE will always be my number one shade!