Thursday, 27 April 2017

Lip Liner: Wish Me A Rose ~ essence

Hello Beauties,

Today on my blog i'm going to write about a product that i thought i would never ever use in my entire life! I'm going to talk about a lip liner, yes a lip liner! I have always thought Is it necessary to even purchase a lip liner it at all?

Well, last week i have made the decision to purchase a lip liner called "Wish Me A Rose" from essence. If you are like me that haven't used a lip liner before  in your entire life before then please continue reading.

essence lipliner wish me a rose

BRAND: essence | NAME: Wish Me A Rose | VOLUME: 1g | PRICE: R19.95 at Clicks


Lip liner for a soft and precise application.


Re-Close-able Packaging


I know that essence are a brand that i completely trust with there products that are on the market, well there are a few that i would skip.

I used to think that a lip liner are just to use to draw a line around your lips, but actually a lip liner are there for much more than just that.  You use a lip liner to colour your lips in before you would apply your lipstick.  The advantage of a lip liner are that it makes that you lipstick would last so much longer and gives it a better definition.

I must say that essence lip liner are so creamy, smooth and easy to apply. It's also  really well pigmented, without drying your lips out.

You can also wear a lip liner own it's own, they leave a creamy-satin finish which a really like.  

So will definitely head to Clicks again in the near future to purchase some of the other shades that i have seen in-store and  they are called "In The Nude", "Red Blush", "Satin Mauve", "Cute Pink" and "Soft Berry".

Do you ever used a lip liner?  If so what are your favourite shade? Did you use an essence lip liner before?



  1. I used to never use lip liners either, and I think the first one I really used was also from Essence! :)

    1. I think many people start from essence now these day or in RSA also from Ralo, but when i was younger i started with Cutex.

  2. This is a really pretty colour and would go with several of my favorite lipsticks!

    1. Thank you Jen. I think that Pink are such a cool shade to wear on your lips it's more natural.

  3. Is it chubby or did you go back and forth on your hand a few times to make it that big?

    1. No, it's not a chubby lip liner i went a little back and forth.

  4. Lipliners are very useful little items. They are a must with certain lipsticks especially some liquids/glosses that tend to feather. I've gotten lazy over the years and find myself gravitating toward universal liners so I don't need to search for the shade I need, though I still have a lot of colored liners that I love. I was looking at essence just yesterday

    1. I like that essence always have something new in store. Yes, i agree with you regarding with glosses it always a good idea to use lip liner underneath.