Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Hello Beauties,

How are you doing today. The weather are so lovely outside today in Cape Town i have just walk in the front garden of our house and i wished that i could stay a little longer and sit on the front step and just try to relax and to breath the air and soak some Vit. D in before the colder season are here.

During this time of the year i feel so demotivated - it's a bit tricky to describe how i feel precisely, but i do think that you know the feeling all to well. What do you like to do during those times? For me it's a relaxing bubble bath with candles burning.

AVAILABILITY: Pep Stores  | PRICE: R34.99 | VOLUME: 1 Litre (33.8 fl oz) | BRAND: BramleyCosmetics

"This elegant and rich foam bath will help to sooth and revitalise" 

Pour under warm running water and mix thoroughly to create a rich foam bath.


Nothing beats a hot bubble bath when you are feeling exhausted and especially on a cold night then it's time to sit back and relax while your enjoy a bubble bath that's infused with floral fragrance.

I don't know about you, but i tend to soak in my tub first. Just to focus on my breathing and to clear my head. Just make sure that your bath aren't too long that you end up looking like a prune! Then i would wash myself.

I climb out of the tub, pat my self dry and then i massage some tissue oil over my body. Bramley Cosmetics also a  tissue oil that are part of this range.  I have blogged about this earlier here  and then i would get dressed. believe me you will feel great and your body will feel great and so smooth or should i rather say silky smooth.  You would not regret taking a pink blossom bath, since the scent aren't over the top. The scent of pink blossom are just right for the Spring / Summer season.

I would recommend to enjoy this scent while we still have sunny days here in Cape Town.

Have you tried pink blossoms foam bath yet or any other products from this range?

Enjoy the little pleasures that life gives you!

"I have received the product for review - opinions are my own"  


  1. It sounds and looks delightful! Who doesn't need pink foam in her bath? I didn't realize you were in Cape Town. We're at the beginning of spring, and I'm so happy. I know exactly how you feel at the beginning of autumn. I find it a bit depressing after summer ends. I hope the foliage is beautiful, and you'll enjoy good weather for a while to come

    1. The days aren't predictable at all sometimes it's really cold, then it wet or very hot. But a bath are an absolute pleasure in the colder season(s), just that we have a water drought here in South Africa so i limit my baths.

  2. A good bubble bath is the perfect ending to a long day!

  3. I loooove a good bubble bath! :) I haven't tried this brand but I love scents like this.

  4. I love floral fragrance. Pink bubble bath 😍😍😍

    1. hehe, the water aren't pink at all. Only when you pour it in there's a tiny bit of pink, but the bubble are great and i enjoy the fragrance.