Thursday, 23 March 2017


Hello Beauties, 

Do you take care of your feet? I love to have a great pair of feet, especially when i wear open shoes or when i'm bear feet on the beach, but to be honest i don't spend the time that i should.  The reason? I'm lazy most of the time, just to do everything of a DIY pedicure at home seems just too much. Until i have discovered the Sorbet Moisture Infusing Socks that are sold in Clicks.

I already have the Sorbet Moisture Infusing Gloves so i knew that this should be such a real life saver for me!

I always wanted a pair like this and when i noticed that the price have dropped, since it first appeared in Clicks i thought to myself "what better way then to treat myself this month"! I have purchased these socks last month and that was also the day that my blog was two years old.


I like the idea that these Moisture Infusing Socks are in a clear resealable package. Just makes it so much better so store the gloves in them once used and it also ensure that the fragrance and moisture doesn't evaporate over time.


Since i already knew the feeling of the Moisture Infusing Gloves i knew what to expect from them, but in a way i was a tiny bit disappointed in them. Why? At first i have noticed that the socks didn't had any grips underneath like the previous ones that was manufactured and secondly that i would also mention that it's definitely not one size fits all type. It just fitted me to the letter T. So let's say if my Mother want to use socks like these it wont fit at all, since she have the same number shoe size number 6, but i have a smaller feet and her feet are broader than mine.

Well, since it does fit my feet like a glove i can tell you my feet did feel a bit weird, but i really enjoyed the TLC that they deserve. i have neglected them and i want to have great looking feet, since it's Summer here in South Africa. So who want to hide there feet in shoes all day long? Not me at all.

I love the smell of the socks and my feet felt softer after the first use of only 30 minutes. Before i have put the socks on my feet i have rubbed a good body butter on. There are a great variety of body butters on the market from The Body Shop and to those that are on a tight budget your can purchase one at Pep Stores from the Bramley range of product.

Keep a look out, since i will have a review soon from Bramley Cosmetics soon regarding there body butter. 

WHAT IT DOES: Moisturises, soothes and relieves dry dehydrated hands. Formulated with advanced skin-norishing hydrators for intense moisturisation.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Moisturise feet with your favourite moisturiser and leave feet covered with socks for 20 minutes. For intense theraphy, leave gloves on hands overnight. Used bi-weekly, gloves are re-usable for up to 3 months.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash only (after every third use) Do not bleech. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Wash similar colours together.

How do you give your feet the attention that they deserve?
Have you ever used Infusing socks before?

Put your best foot forward,


  1. Oh gosh, my feet definitely need some care with spring coming! Great review :)

    1. Thank you. So i guess you will have a relaxing pampering weekend maybe?

  2. I have gloves, but never thought about doing my feet. Mostly because I hate having things on my feet.

    1. So you love to be bare feet? I do too, but only when i'm indoors otherwise i'm a shoe girl. The only time when i really hate to have something on my feet is when i'm in bed.

  3. I love these socks. I've tried them from another brand and they feel so nice!

    1. Glad that your a fan of these sock's! They are really easy to work with and they give that extra softness to our feet that i like.

  4. Oooh these sound really good! I'll have to look at grabbing a pair x

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you want to try them out! Would love to hear what you thought about them, once you tried them out! :-)