Sunday, 12 March 2017


Hello Beauties,

It's Summer time here in South Africa and we really need to take care of our skin, since it's the only one we have for life and it's also the largest organ that we have and it's function is to protect us and to be the "top coats" of our bodies - our skin deserve to be kept as healthy and vital as possible. 

But yet we tend to neglect our skin most of the time, simply because we are lazy or we have the response by saying things like it's so expensive to buy creams or lotions and here is where Bramley Cosmetics come into the picture! 

Some of you might know about Bramley Cosmetics, but the majority of you won't know of them. Bramley Cosmetics are an South African Company that manufacture bath and body range to the woman that are at the lower end of the market, but yet to deliver products that would deliver beyond the expectation on every personal care need and also at an affordable price that would suit every one's budget. 

Bramley products are guaranteed with these four assurances found on all their products: 
  1. PURITY - we only used approved cosmetics and pharmaceutical grade raw materials and FDA approved colorants. 
  2. SAFETY - all products are user-trailed. 
  3. HYGIENE - we do not use animal products or extracts and never test on animals. 
  4. QUALITY - our production process is mandated to exclude the use of Chinese content. 
When i have open the parcel with the Cocoa Heaven Hand and Nail cream that Bramley have sent to me to review. I wasn't impressed at first just by looking at the product. The word 'cocoa' have put me of. Look i like to eat chocolates very much and even to enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate during Winter time, but to actually to have a cream that would smell like cocoa? 

I must confess that i was totally surprised when i've smelled the product! No wonder it's called Cocoa Heaven

Our non-greasy, warmly scented and therapeutic Hand & Nail Cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves your hands feeling soft and velvety. Hands are provided with complete care, helping to keep nails strong and shiny. This hand and nail cream instantly moisturises to continue providing protection and nourishment. Contains Vitamin E and Bio-Pharm Oil.

The design on the tube are very attractive looking. The front design have the following information listed: name of company, name of range and for what this products are used for and the fragrance. At the bottom part of the tube you will find the volume and that this products are enriched with Vitamin E Oil and Bio-Pharm oil. At the back you will noticed that the ingredients are listed which i value. You would also find the four assurances that i have mentioned earlier in my post.

As I've mentioned earlier it smells like Cocoa and this would be the prefect choice for those cold days it will make you feel cozy. The colour of this cream are white,


R 11.99


Pep Stores


I have used this hand and nail cream and i can say with a pure conscious that this product does deliver to what they claim it to be.  I have squirted a small size unto my hands and rubbed them and my hands have smelled great and i could feel that my hands wasn't greasy at all. It really absorbs so well unto my skin and my hands have felt so smooth almost like silk.  To achieve the most of the product are to use it regularly and not just when we feel like it. I like to use my moisture infusing gloves just before i go to bed and my hands feels extra soft when i used it in conjunction with the hand & nail cream. The only negative aspect for me is that i couldn't find the expiry date on the product that i have received and i wish that this product didn't contain any Parabens. I do hope that they would improve on this in the near future.

Have you seen these products in your Pep stores? If so have you had you ever thought about purchasing one or were you like me and skipped the cocoa fragrance'd product and opted for another fragrance'd product? After reading my blog post would you consider to purchased this product when you come across it in your store?

Keep your hands in a tip condition this summer!


  1. Sounds like an awesome product. :) I love the way you formatted your review!

  2. I love Bramley you would actually doubt it because its so cheap, but they work just as well as a premium brand.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you love them too. Which range are your favourite at this moment?

  3. I love cocoa butter for my skin! I bet it would be amazing for winter too!

    1. ...that warmy smell of cocoa would be so wonderful for the colder seasons, glad that you also love the smell of this.

  4. I used to be a great fan of cocoa scented creams, not so much recently though. I agree with Katherine about the review format, love it!

    1. Hi Simona, glad that you liked my review, but keep an eye out, since i will have a review of another range from them soon and i'm sure you would like that range more. If i may ask what have made that you are not such a fan of cocoa scented creams anymore? Would like to know.

  5. I have always loved anything cocoa butter, great review!

  6. Replies
    1. So i assume, you love this smell. Can't wait for the Autumn to arrive here!