Saturday, 18 March 2017

Avène Thermale Spring Water

Hallo Beauties!

During this time of the year we had some really hot weather and then with the recent fires that we had around here in South Africa, Cape Town, it just made the the temperature more than what i could handle on some of these days so when i had the opportunity to review  the Avène Thermale Spring Water  that Rubybox have send me i was feeling excited to try it out for my self. 


Avène Dermatologist Laboratories' researchers have carried out many studies on the soothing and anti-irritating properties of Avène Thermale Spring Water, giving remarkable results that have been presented in international scientific publication.  These numerous studies have confirmed the virtues of  Avène Thermale Spring Water. 

Respect for the physiology of sensitive skin: the skin's balance is maintained.
Decreased in skin reactivity: the skin no longer reacts excessively.
Strengthening of cells' natural resistance: the skin defends itself more effectively. 

Key element for sensitive, hypersensitive,, allergic and irritated skin. 


The composition of Avène Thermale Spring Water is perfectly balanced, with an optimal "calcium/magnesium ratio that guarantees efficacy and tolerance: skin balance is restored.

It's low mineral content and the presence of silicates make Avène Thermale Spring Water exceptionally gentle. 

The skin is soothes thanks to the active substances derived from this ancestral microflora. Their properties have been proven to act on the factors causing inflammation and itching.  


  • Post-surgical procedure: To improve skin comfort. 
  • Sunburn: To calm "overheated" skin.
  • Facial redness: To reduce sensation of overheating
  • Damaged skin: To improve healing
  • Sensations of discomfort: To sooth irritation 
  • After removing make-up: To envelope the skin in a soothing mist. 
  • After shaving: To calm razor burn
  • After sport
  • After hair removal: To calm tingling
  • While travelling
  • Nappy rash: To gently sooth baby's fragile skin


Each spray contains Avène Thermale Spring Water with it's qualities intact because the water emerges from the spring and goes directly to the production site.  It is package in a sterile environment to guarantee complete purity and efficacy: the minerals / trace elements and active substances derived from the microflora are protected from all outside contamination.

The Thermale Spring Water comes in a spray canister with a white removable cap.

You will notice that the canister are pure white with orange and black printing. On the front of the canister the following information appear:
  • Name of company
  • Product name & range
  • Company logo
  • Volume 
  • Skin type 
Back of the canister the following information will be printed: 
  • Indication
  • When to use
  • Properties
  • Directions for use
  • Ingredients
  • Contact details
  • Bar-code 

Avène Thermale Spring Water (Avene Aqua) & Nitrogen 


Hold the canister about 30cm away before you spray a fine mist on your skin. Wait a few minutes, then gently pat dry. Please do not shake the canister before application, since this would mix the contents around,thus the contents can't settle before you spray it unto your face, hence you would not achieve the desired results.  




R149,95 for the 150 ml at Clicks

At the moment Clicks have a special that runs until 11 April 2017 where you can purchase 3 for 2 
Click here to view the offer or to purchase online from Clicks. 


To be honest i was a bit skeptic of this product. I heard many people raved about this product and i also heard some people that didn't find this product any more special than your normal water from your own tap. The day when i have received my sample it was a warm sunny day in Cape Town and i thought to myself what better way than to test this baby out! 

I'm a type of person that can't stand a temperature that are hot, since i would burn very quickly and turn red so quick. So i grabbed my canister and used it as instructed.  How did i feel - honestly? Weird - i mean i've never sprayed water in my face! The times when i was so red from the sun or felt very warm i would usually just take a washcloth and make it wet and damp my face with it, but now that i have this baby at my disposal i have used it many times! Jip, I felt so relived that my face was calming down just after the first spray. 

The one day i was so sick and had a high fever and i just took my Avène Thermale Spring Water and sprayed on my face a few times and it made me feel calmer and my temperature begin to lower. 

I have also used it on my nephew, when he visited us the weekend and he loves to be busy all the time (loves sport, he can't sit still for a few minutes always on the go) and i could see he was really exhausted and flushed and he wasn't too keen that i spray this on him at all. The same was the case with his Mother she was all red in the face. I sprayed her and she felt a bit weird, but later on she told me it felt quite good. 

So i would totally keep this baby in my handbag when i go out during this Summer, when i'm at home i would store it in the fridge for that extra coolness.   

It's a Summer essential product for me!


  1. I love to spray on water when it is just too hot!

    1. We had some pretty HOT WEATHER lately, so this would be a real life saviour

  2. It sounds like you had a great experience with this product which is good to hear as I totally would have been skeptical at first too. :) Great review!

    1. So have you maybe considered using / try this out in the near future then?

  3. I used a similar product a while back and felt kinda dumb spraying straight water on my face, but it's definitely refreshing in the warm months. I like spraying it on my feet!

    1. I never thought of spraying water on my feet - smart move - i should try that out soon!