Monday, 27 February 2017


Good Morning Beauties,

How are you all beauties doing today?  Me, i haven't slept yet i was up all night i just couldn't sleep, since i had a lot on my mind and I've watched a lovely movie on YouTube and it made me think..real hard about certain things in life.

I started to blog as an outlet two years ago and it was also something to do, since I don't have a normal job more like a part time job that i do from home. At first i thought blogging isn't so hard, since i had done some blogging for my Computer classes when I was at Varsity, but a lot have change since then.

My dreams for my blog are that... 

1] Engagement
People would want to engage with my blog more. Not just reading or scanning through it. Thus i want to be a blogger that would relate more to my readers and that's you, yes you that are reading my blog post now. I want you to know that i value that you take the time to read my post and i would love to know you and that you are welcome to comment or to write to me on my Facebook wall, chat to me on twitter.

2] Display
That my photo's and layout would be improving this year. Sometimes i see in my mind how i want it to be, but i struggle at times to make it realise in-front of me.  Last, but not least that i would spend more time on my prepping especially when i do my manicures for photo-shooting. I want readers to really see how the nail polish would really look, thus i'm going to try to take photo in natural light as well.

3] Content
My content that i write about should appeal more to my readers, it should be about products that everyone could afford to buy and would love to use it themselves and i would love to now what they thought about it.

4] Audience / Followers
That my audience would also grow on my different Social Media channels.  So if you would like to follow me on: Facebook click  here , Instagram click here and on Twitter you can click here

Gifts that i wish that i could receive... 

I would really love to have something like this for taking photos for my blog.  It would make it so much more special. 

My feet would love to be pampered in these kind of socks and, since it's summer they don't want to hide away in socks all day...

I have already over 100 nail polishes in my drawer my largest collection would be Tip Top and essence. So i would probably need more than one of these and with the fact that i also love spending time in Nature this would really look lovely in my room. A girl can dream...isn't it so.  Well, i have the link in case my wish would come true one day!

May you all have a stunning week beauties,


  1. Happy 2nd bkogiversary huni, this was a lovely post your goals are perfect and very realistic. Wishing yoy all the best for the next year xx

    1. Thank you for commenting on my post - i appreciate the good wishes.