Friday, 6 January 2017


Hallo Beauties,

I hope that those of you that are still on Holiday would enjoy the last few days, since next week Monday everyone will be back to work and then it's almost time for the school to begin as well!

I have enjoyed my first bubble-bath time for this year!  It felt wonderful just to relax and to play with the bubbles...


A few years ago when i was still a Sunday-school teacher i gave this foam bath to the girls in my class, but i never experience this specific foam bath for my self! Can you believe it? I have always looked at this bottle, but never thought to try it for myself.

I really liked the pink coloured foam bath, i just wished that my bathwater also had a tint of pinkness to it, but the babble-bath really looked so inviting to me.

This is a wonderful time to enjoy a "me-time" moment at the end of an day! I feel that we can at least have once a month a me-time moment by having a relaxing bath time experience.  With the water crises that South Africa are facing currently and with the fires that are burning we should use water wisely.

So yes my bath water will go tomorrow to our garden and feel assured that my garden will thank me for giving them the attention.  Yes, it's completely safe to use your bath-water for your garden we have done it for a few years already and all or vegetables grow. Just a little side note for those of you.

Looking for a way in which to wind down after a busy day? Relax into a blissful foam bath with Radox Feel Sensual, containing the exotic aromas of Lotus flower that will help to rejuvenate the mind. Blended with calming Ylang Ylang, this bathing experience will revive your senses and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.
So did Radox left me feeling calm and relaxed
I would say absolutely yes. I had a wonderful night rest and all the tanks goes to Radox.  I feel so much relaxed after the bubble-bath, so it's good to know when you are feeling a bit stressed to use a little Radox to feel calm again.

To be honest i first notice Radox at my Aunts house a few years ago and that the only bath product that she use and she's quite a difficult Aunt to please so if this products gets the thumbs up from her then who am i to feel otherwise!?


Feel Renewed - Lemongrass & hop foam
Feel Restored - Eucalyptus & Fennel
Feel Balanced - Rice Milk & Hyssop
Feel Relaxed - Lavender & Valerian
Feel Sensual - Lotus Flower & Ylang Ylang 

AVAILABILITY:  Pick 'n Pay, Clicks, Dis-Chem

VOLUME: 300 ml | PRICE: ZAR 26.99


  •  Foam up really well 
  • Affordable 
  • Wide selection to choose from
  • Lovely aroma 
  • Expiry date clearly listed 
  • Ingredients listed 
  • Usage direction listed 

I would be so interested to know what Radox products have you used already? Any products that you like to try out in the near future?

Have a blissful weekend beauties,


  1. This looks like good stuff! I love a good bubble bath. I did laugh when you talked about how you had this sitting around for so long; I have bubble baths and things from like ten years ago that I keep meaning to use but never do.

    1. lol, It's strange that i have purchase something like this for my class kids a few years ago, but i have never tied it for myself, hence while when i was in the shop the other day i have decided i must try this one for my self.I didn't had this bottle so long sitting in my bathroom, but i have other stuff that i have meaning to use, but i just never got to use them, so yes i have decided before i buy another cream etc first use that i already have.

  2. Great post! As a young girl I clearly remember my folks using this.

    1. Oh yes, i think it's one of the brands that have dated so fr away that at least we know what our parents would like, since it's one from their era! A brand that they love and trust...

  3. i'd totally forgotten about this brand! used to love it when my mam bought them when I was younger!

    1. Hopefully you will try them out again, i've seen that they have body washes now and hand-washes and lastly also bath salts. Next time i want to try out the bath salts.

  4. Replies
    1. You and me both! Thanks for stopping by Andrea!

  5. Awww this sounds devine. This particular one might break out my skin in hives - but I used to love the muscle soak one . It's actually pretty affordable.

    1. Yes, i agree with you that this bubble bath are really affordable. It's a pity that you have sensitive skin, but luckily Radox have a variety to choose from.