Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Hallo Beauties!

How are you guys doing this morning!? I hope you are doing well! I'm super happy to share with you my latest nail polishes that I've recently purchased from Clicks. Some of you may have seen all the "hype" that was happening on Twitter regarding Sorbet latest ranges that they have launched recently.

Well, i have purchased six beautiful nail polish colours from the range called Tropical Splash and it's just the perfect timing for us that are going to enjoy the Summer, since these colours are to die for! I mean some of them just look so gorgeous in the sun!!


picture heavy

At the moment Clicks have a sale on where you have the opportunity to purchase two polishes and receive the cheapest one free or buy three of the same edition and receive the third one absolutely free!  This sale are only until 21 NOVEMBER 2016 so if i can give you any advice first go check out the limited editions, since you can always purchase some of the other nail polish editions later! 

When I've visit my Clicks store on the 1 November i was basically waiting for them to pack out these ranges and i can say they are looking HOT HOT BABY! 

I have included for you the photos of the limited editions so you can see the whole range and decided which nail polish colour you would like to purchase. Underneath the collage of the nail polish shades i have included the name of them starting from top left to bottom right.  I have also highlighted the items for the items i have purchase and i will tell you what i liked about them and i have some swatches of them for you! 

I just want to tell you that number 8 on the list are called PAWOW not PAWSON. On the nail polish bottle that i have purchase it states PAWOW and not pawson as on the webpage of Sorbet. 

#1 Canary chick  #2 Coconut Ice  #3 Cool Waters  #4 floral coral  #5 Sunset Cruise

#6 Hot Mos  #7 Mojito  #8 Pawow  #9 Pinkocolado # raspberry daquirie


I have this nail polish shade on my nails at the moment and it's looking really fantastic on me. I know that i have a couple of pick shades of polish, since i also have someone that gives me from time to time some polish and she always gives me pink. 

So when i saw this shade on the display i just had to get this shade!  It's beautiful and it's also a polish that dries pretty quick and it's looking fabulous in the sun - i like! 

I really really love this shade and i'm not saying it just because "hello" i'm a blogger and i want you to go and buy this or that! If i don't like a particular shade either i won't purchase it myself or if i do purchase or receive a shade i will still give my honest opinion of what i like. 

I have just fallen in love with my nails all over again! I just wish that my nails was a little longer, so that i could love it more! 


I have to admit i absolutely love this nail polish colour and that's a lot coming out of my mouth, since i actually don't like yellow at all!! Yellow are my Mothers favourite shade not mine. 

I would describe this colour asit's like a yellow with a bit of gold to it and with tiny glitters in them and you just have to be in the sun to see the polish come to life! 

I have applied two thin coats of polish to achieve full opaqueness and added a layer of Top Coat. 

This polish dries really quick, which i really like about it, since i don't want to wait all day, especially when i want to be outdoors to soak up some Vit D i just had enough of cold weather. 

I just had to share another beautiful photo of Sunset Cruise with you! So what are you thinking about this shade?


This was the first shade that i have painted my nails with and i do like the colour, especially when i'm outdoors!

I have painted two thin coats of nail polish and it dried quickly, which i was very impressed with.

I haven't applied any Top Coat to this polish, since the polish had a very shiny gloss it self.

What do you think of Hot Mos? Would you wear this shade?


Mojito are different from Coconut Ice & Sunset Cruise. Mojito takes longer to dry and the polish are thicker so you would only need one coat to achieve opaqueness. 

There are absolutely no glitters in this polish at all and this would be a perfect shade for Winter also.   This shade give me the impression that it's kind off a gel like feeling to it. I had this polish on here with out a Top Coat and the polish had a lovely shine to it. 

So would you purchase this shade? Do you think this shade looks good on me? I'm not entirely sure if i like it or not.

PAWOW - 15 ML 

Another beautiful shade for the outdoors - sun friendly in my eyes!

Dries quickly. Smooth application. Gloss finish

do you like this shade? Normally i will wear purple in the winter or during Autumn, but this one are the exception! 


It's a girly pink shade no glitters. Also no Top Coat needed.  Takes a little bit longer to dry than the other polish from this range. I would say this polish are lovely to wear during the Summer time, but it doesn't have that WOW factor for me than some of the others in this range. 

If you have a little girl that loves Ballet then she would love this shade, since this shade let me think of Ballet shoes and pink Milkshake. 

I'm more of a person that likes to wear brights, neons or darker shades. Thus i want to know from you what do you think does this shade look great on me or not?  Would you paint your nails this shade of pink? 

I hope that youhave enjoyed this post and do keep tuned in, since i will have the "Soft Serve" range on my blog during next week! 

Keep those nails beautiful! 


  1. To answer your question Pinko Colada is too Barbie pink for my taste and generally not one that works on my skintone. I'm really loving the other shades though.

    1. Hello Jen, i know that some coulours won't suit all skin types and i glad to hear that you liked the other colours.

  2. Great swatches! :) This is a cute collection, there are so many colors and a nice variety of finishes.

    1. Thank you Stacie. Oh yes there are a wide variety of shades, thus a colours of each type of skin tone!

  3. I've never tried any of the Sorbet polishes - these look pretty!

  4. These all look like pretty colours, but I think the pink is actually my favourite :) x

    1. Their are two pink nail polishes the first one are called Coconut Ice and the other one are Pinko Colada. I like the Pinko Colada one the most!