Friday, 4 November 2016



Hello Beauties,

 How are you all doing today!? I'm mostly glad that today wasn't too bad, but i did had an very early start this morning! It's the first week of November..can you believe it?

Today on my blog i'm going to tell you more about  Labello Blackberry Shine Lip Balm that I have received earlier from Rubybox. You've probably seen the preview already on my Facebook page or on Instagram recently. If your not on any of these platforms your most welcome to join me there!

I remember when i was still in school that we could only wear Lip Balms on our lips, but during those times they weren't pigmented at all, most of them was just to moisturize your lips and some had UV protection, but with time everything changed regarding the variety that are available on the market.  I can almost bet you that some learners would use especially these pigmented types to be more "grown up" - i just wonder how teachers are going to deal with this!

PACKAGING / APPEARANCE:  The Lip Balm is rather distinctive in it's shape. It resembles more to a lipstick rather than the original lip balm (chap-stick) It's larger and thicker and it's outer cover comes off completely to reveal the lipstick-like twisting mechanism. Although it's slightly larger than the average Lip Balm, it's more appealing to the eye, because it has more substance and it feels good to hold into your hand.

GLIDE / COLOUR : Labello glides very smoothly on your lips like a hot knife through butter.  What i do like about this Lip Balm is that it's not sticky. What i also like about this Lip Balm are that leaves me lips soft. Labello definitely delivers to their products claim "long lasting intensive moisture."  I expected the lip balm to be more darker, since the lip balm are dark maroon, but it only leaves a slight purple shade unto your lips and i'm actually more relieved about this, since i don't like a lip balm that must look lick an alternative to a lipstick.

SMELL / FLAVOUR: When i have opened the lip balm i was very intrigued to use this at once, since the smell was amazing and my friend who have received my other sample also agreed on this. It's not overbearing at all.

STAYING POWER: I must say that my lips feel soft the entire day, but you'll need to reply it more than once a day. Depending how much you are going to drink and eat.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: It's a good lip balm that offers great  moisturization for your lips, but i would just like to mention that you should keep it in your handbag or jacket, but not on you, since it can melt a bit, since this lip balm are more softer than you average lip balms.


I've created this nail art look that would compliment my lips. Keep a look out for my post on Monday, since i would show step by step on what I've done and all the products that was used.


Labello have an amazing competition for your guys! How does a shopping spree of R25000 sound to you!? So go and buy the Labello Blackberry Shine lip balm and send a  message, photo or video to Thando Tsekiso her WhatsApp number that are hidden inside the pack. Visit for T's & C's. 

You should also keep an eye out on Rubybox Facebook Page, since they would also have a competion running on Monday, 14 November. 

Have you seen and used the latest Lip Balm from Labello? What are your thoughts about it? 

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. This lip balm does sound like it does what it's supposed too. Although personally I'm not a fan of the Blackberry smell.

    1. The smell are so subtle that basically anyone can wear it, but i know with Labello their are a smell for everyone! What flavour do you enjoy from them?

  2. Oooh this sounds like a nice scent/flavour x

    1. Thank you for visiting and yes it's a lovely flavour!

  3. This lip balm sounds great! I love tinted balms, they take me back to childhood! I also love that you did your nails to match the theme, that's really cute. :)

    1. Thank you, Stacie. We didn't had tinted lip balm when i was still young only clear.

  4. This sounds like a great lip balm! I love the scent and just the slightest hint of colour.

    1. Thank you Jen, just a tint of colour are perfect!