Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Hallo Beauties,

Today I'm doing a challenge from United in Pink it's inspired by Helene Johansson.  we are doing a manicure to bring more awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness. 

According to CANSA stats from 2010 Breast Cancer are the number one cause of death on the list for woman. The ratio are 1:9 woman will develope Breast Cancer.
One in 4 South Africans is affected by Cancer through diagnosis of family, friends or self. 
Earlier this year i have lost a cousin due to Cancer and she was on 47 years old. So everyone of us would know someone who have dies due to Cancer. 

90% of Cancers are caused by environmental & lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and exercise. 
I would strongly advice you to stop smoking. To be completely honest do you know how you smell to a person that doesn't smoke? I can smell a person a mile off if they are or have been smoking, since your clothes are full of the odour and it stinks so bad that i will  just walk passed to as quickly as i can.  
 More than 100 000 South African are diagnosed with Cancer every year. 
South African Cancer rate is 6/10 

I've purchased this nail polish from Jet Stores a while ago and i must say i'm really impress with the colour! It's called Sexy Lady (R9.99) and i think it's just the perfect shade for the Summer and to all the woman that are facing this sickness. I've painted three layers of nail polish to achieve opaque.

I've taken this photo outside and i just love to look at how the sun catches the fine little glitters.

Have a wonderful day Beauties!


  1. Just shows you how much I get out ... I didn't even know Jet had polishes. This colour is gorgeous , such a lovely pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    1. Thank you Lynette! I like to look snuffle in shops and see what they have - sometimes you get lovely bargains from these stores.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Becca, i agree with you! I think that i will have to paint my nails pink more often!