Monday, 24 October 2016


Hello Beauties,

How are you all feeling today? Today when i've done a little shopping today i was totally surprised that it's almost Christmas time again! The mall have started to decorate for December!? Where have the time went?

Anyway, i have another wonderful pink polish that i want to show of for breast Cancer Awareness month.

This gorgeous pink polish have i spotted earlier this month in Ackermans store for only R9.00. Yes, i'm always checking places out that have bargains regarding lovely polishes and they still have polishes that re on sale.  You just have to scratch in the container for the colour(s) that you are looking for. I have found some pretty pinks and a few other colours.

I'm usually one that likes to look for blue or any other shades, but lately i see these wonderful different shades regarding pinks that i think to myself that you belong with the rest of my pinks!

BRAND: Euphoria (Made in USA)

VOLUME: 15 ml

NAME: #20

PRICE: R 9.00 (Sale)

I really wish that they would give a name to every shade that they manufacture.  I've only noticed the number that was printed at the bottom of the polish bottle.

The application was smooth, not streaky at all - two coats. I haven't done a top coat, since i wanted you to see the true colour of the polish and it really looks wonderful and to tell the truth, the polish lasted about 2-3 days without Top Coat.

So beauties what do you think of this shade? I simply love this one and i will pain my nails this shade again during the Summer!

Have a blessed week further,


  1. Lovely pink and it looks great on your nails!

    It's a same thing here in Finland. Christmas decorations are on the stores already AND all the Christmas candy/chocolates. The temptation is REAL :D

    1. Thank you so much, RiaG! I know i just had to bought me a Red Velvet Chocolate...and wasn't it devine!

  2. Euphoria is a great name for that shade! Love that kind of pink

    1. Glad that you also like the shade, me too! Euphoria are the name of the polish brand, it's not the name of the polish!