Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hallo Beauties,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday wasn't too crazy, since the schools started today to everything is back to normal for most people.

Today i'm going to inform you of the products that i really liked about and they are all from Oh So Heavenly! To my overseas readers you won't be able to get any of these products, since it's an South African brand that manufactures exclusively for Clicks.

Pearls of Pleasure | Shimmer Lip Balm

OSH | Love your Lips | Pearls of Pleasure | Shimmer Lip Balm

I just really loved this lip balm! It's the first lip Balm in my entire life that I have used up completely, there are many that i used over the years, but they have reach there expire date r i just didn't liked it that much that i have thrown away.

My lips feel so smooth and silky. Almost as if you would take a knife that was in hot water and it glides through butter! That's how the application feel on my lips!! Besides the smoothness the smell are fantastic it's not to strong, just a soft gentle smell and i like it! At the moment it's my number one product that i have used on my lips and it's have stayed on my desk; where i work on a regular basis.

Would i purchased this one again in the near future? My answer would be yes.  Have you tried any lip balm from OSH yet? If so what are your favourite one?

OSH | Oh So Scentsational | Girls's Best Friend | Dazzling BodySpray

OSH | Oh So Scentsational | Girls's Best Friend | Dazzling BodySpray

A few years ago, while i was doing some Christmas shopping i have spotted this range in Clicks and i just knew i should purchase some of these items. I'm one of those types that i always purchase something that i would like to receive myself.  I gave my sister the Body Lotion and i knew she loved it.  She was actually the one that have introduced to me the brand Oh So Heavenly!  Just that i'm now more glued up on what are in stores right now etc.  Well, it was until earlier this year that i have decided to buy some of these items for myself - i know i should have done it sooner! 

This are another winner from OSH in the books from me!  I mean it just smells so wonderful gorgeous! with notes like citrus, rose, jasmine resting on a aroma of woody florals!  It's really a feminine smell.  Currently i still have the Anti-perspirant Roll-On and the Lip Gloss on my dresser. As i'm writing this post i can still smell the aroma from the empty canister and i feel a tad bit sad to throw it away! 

I guess you can tell that i would purchase it again in the future, but with OSH there are so many wonderful Body Spray's which one would be the ultimate number one!? Mmm...i guess there are only one way of finding out hey! 

What are your favourite Body Spray from OSH? I would love to know, maybe i would try that one out next! 

Yet again Oh So Heavenly haven't disappointed me. I was searching for a body scrub for ages that are gentle on my skin, since i have a very sensitive skin. I don't know if it's just me or not, but i really enjoy taking a long relaxing bath and just to relax! I mean we deserve some pleasure especially just before bedtime, it's the perfect time just to unwind and to forget all the troubles that we had to face during the day and what better time than with a pampering bath session. 

With this body Scrub from Oh So Heavenly it just makes my skin feel soft and smooth and i have a beautifully radiant skin afterwards! The scent are very gentle while using it. I would recommend that it would suit most skin types and for the young and old. We should take good care of our skin, since it the largest organ that we have and they need that extra TLC they work very hard during the day. 

Look after your body well, especially during this Summer! 

Have a wonderful day beauties and remember you are special...


  1. These both sounds great! You know you love something when you use it al!

  2. I am in love with your empties post, though I can't find these at my place but I enjoyed to reading your posts.

    1. Thank you Uma, sometimes when im reading other people blogpost i feel the same. :-)

  3. Love a good empties review post, it's nice to hear how much you enjoyed these :) x