Thursday, 6 October 2016


Hallo beauties,

I hope that all of you are fine and well!  I was so happy that we have some sun, but know it's looking as if we are moving back to colder weather! I'm a woman that enjoy's Autumn and Spring seasons, but hey i think i'll rather take the colder days before the real HOT Cape town weather will be here, then it would feel like i want to take a bath in cold water and yes i have done it years ago, but eish not so ayoba, especially when you bum hit the bath tub!

In September I've attended my first bloggers meetup and in the goody bag i had received the Shimmy Shimmy bar and on Sunday i decided that was the night that i want to pamper myself a little.

It's shaped like and abstract heart. Smells of lavender  with a hint of herbal clary sage. The Shimmy Shimmy bar perfumes softens your skin and makes you shine like a star. The glitter in Shimmy Shimmy is very subtle and gives you a pink-bronze glow that lights up pale winter skin.

PRICE: R110 / 30g
It's a bit pricey for a lotion (solid), but this bar would last for a very long time, since you would only use it for special occasions and not on the whole body. I would say you could use this product for 6 - 12 months depending on how many times you are going to use it.


VANILLA BEANS: Are renowned for it's beautifully sweet fragrance, vanilla is also soothing and antibacterial when applied to the skin.

CLARY SAGE OIL: Is warming and relaxing. It's used in aromatherapy for calming nerves, encouraging feelings off well being and helping to give perspective.  It's also beautiful on the skin, high in anti-oxidants and helps to sooth irritation and soreness.

COCOA BUTTER: Is deeply nourishing and helps to keep skin soft and well conditioned.

SHEA BUTTER: Is moisturizing and softening and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

PACKAGING: The bar come in a paper bag with a sticker that would state how you should use the bar and that would also seal the package. Lush have a green policy, thus i would suggest that you should store the massage bar in another container once you used it.

I store my Shimmy Shimmy in another container that have some air whole's at the bottom this would provide some air into the container, prevent that it would get too hot, since the massage bar could melt. HEAT SENSITIVE

MY EXPERIENCE: If you enjoy having glitter on you then you would enjoy it.  The glitter are very subtle, but i couldn't stop looking at my arms while i was relaxing in the bath. It really gives a sparkle! If you are planning a special day i would suggest that you first go and take a shower or bath,before you are going out. Don't use the Shimmy Shimmy and then go to sleep, it would transfer to your bed linen. The scent was pleasant not very strong at all, so to those that enjoys vanilla scented beauty product you would also love it!

Have you used Shimmy Shimmy before? If so, what do you think of it? If you haven't tried it out, are you planning to purchase it? I would love to hear your comments.

Enjoy the weekend beauties,


  1. I've been nosing around Lush lately when I go to the mall, I haven't noticed these though. Looks like a fun thing to wear in the summer or with a nice dress.

    1. Oh, yes especially when it's a dress that shows your shoulders..