Saturday, 10 September 2016


Hello Beauties,

I'm so sorry that i was MIA for quite a while, but everything was just so hectic at the work, i had to do quite a lot of marketing for an event and then i also got sick.  So i didn't had much energy to sit and do an actual post, but hopefully my levels will be good to go and with Summer lurking around the corner i'm sure that you will see a lot of me in the blogosphere!

 I'm part of the Girl Gang group on Twitter and Aimee from Everyday Aimee , started this wonderful challenge for us. This challenge will last for the whole month and, since i've joined a bit late in the challenge i'll write till October, hence this challenge are 30 days long.

I'm Leanie. but most people struggle to pronounce my name correctly i've shortened it to Leah, hence it's also the root word of my name and i've used Leah for my blog name Leah Beauty.

I was named after my parents. My mom are Letitia and my dad's name are Johan. If you take the LE from my mom and the AN from my dad it would spell LEAN they have just added IE at the end of my name.

My favourite colour are blue, since it reminds me of the sky and the ocean! Blue are also a religious colour. I'm not those kind of people that would through you with the Bible like some people i know, i'm more the kind of one to one conversation type of people. I won't talk about my faith at all. I believe it's a personal thing for me.  My aim is to have a loving relationship with my Creator Jeshua.

I was previously a teacher, but i left the profession. I just couldn't cope with the way the school treated me and it have changed me in such a way that i was diagnosed with depression during 2010.

Currently i'm a Social Media Manager for our church and even that sometimes gives me sleepless nights.  I can't work with people around me i would be so tense, that i hardly be able to sleep the previous night when i have to do photoshoot at functions. Luckily i work mostly from home.

This photo was taken a few years ago, but it's on of the best ice-creams i've eaten my entire life! The flavours from left are Sour Apple, Cherry and bubblegum. 

I live in South Africa, Cape Town.  If you want me to be really happy just take me to one of the beaches like Hout Bay harbour for a walk on the beach with a delicious ice-cream.

Just by looking at Table Mountain during night or day are just breathtaking.  I was privileged during my high school years to be on top of the Mountain via the cable car.  I must say the view above are magnificent!

Yes, i have a sweet tooth and i love to nibble on doughnuts, basically any ring doughnut would suffice, just don't offer me a chocolate one! I just can't stand it!

I mean just look at them! If i could only have one from these i would pick the green one.  when i visit my local Checkers then i always check their doughnut section out and i would always pick green or yellow. With of these would you pick...Mmmm?

Lastly i love CATS! I've got a placemat like the picture above of the cats. Aren't they just so adorable? I also collect cat mugs. Thus far i've collected 4 mugs and yes i do use them, but only when i want to spoil myself, since to spot cat mugs in a shop aren't always easy! I guess it's that people are really lovers of cats like me.

Stay blessed,


  1. You have an interesting and beautiful name! :)
    I love cats too, I'm planning to get a tattoo with cats.

    1. Thank you, i just wont go that far regarding tattoo's! Me and needles aren't friends at all.

  2. So nice to get to know you better! My mom was also a teacher and struggled with how the school treated her and others. Sounds like things are the same world-wide.

    1. yes, teaching aren't the same it was years ago, where people treated you with respect, but in today's time teachers aren't regarded the same anymore. I'm not sure where everything are going to end up!

  3. We have a Table Mountain here in Colorado where I live in the U.S. Nice to learn more about you!

    1. Oh wow, i didn't even knew, i will check up on the Table Mountain in Colorado in the US. Thank you.

  4. I am a teacher too .. And I agree... I went to teach privately at a tutor centre three years back and haven't looked back since. I love post like these where you can learn more about someone - love you sharing this. And YES ! Everyone needs donuts - I need to try the Krispy Kreme ones though .

    1. Aww, Lynette you are so lucky to have Krispy Kreme at your side, i haven't seen theme here in Cape town here yet, since i've heard a lot about them.