Thursday, 29 September 2016



Hallo beauties, 

I hope that you are looking forward to this weekend! I'm sure you do, since I've seen the weather forecast for Cape Town and the it looks promising! Yeah!! 

A while ago Rubybox have send me some Body Spray's from Impulse to test out and review. 
I've received the Dynamique, London & Paris  fragrances to test.

Impulse City Collection was introduced in 2007, dedicated to the three worlds capitals, New York, Paris & London.
Impulse are one of my favourite brands when it comes to Body Spray's and the Paris scent are my favourite one from the City Collection.  

I really enjoy scented body Spray's and this one caught my attention right from the beginning! I've also received some compliments while i was wearing this one the other day.  With blends like bergamot, tangerine and muguet scents i'm ready to embrace the upcoming Summer...

I really like the twist cap that way you don't have to worry about the cap that will fall of in your hand bag, since we always carry spray's etc in our bag and this one are a winner regarding the design for me. The staying power are up to two hours then i'll need to spray again. 

These Perfumed Body Spray's are available from outlets like Pick 'n Pay and Clicks. The retail price are R19.95. They come in 75ml canisters. 

I have found my match with Impulse City Collection Paris. I'm not the type of person that like to faff about doing my hair just to go out down the street. 

Lazy Girl Blowout 

To achieve this wake up look, it's best with hair that was washed like a day before and just spray your hair with OSH Hair Fragrance Paradise Escape with I've previously blogged here and brush your hair and you good to go.  

It's nearly October and i thought that i would also include a manicure nail art look that are related to Paris. Paris are after all the city of LOVE and this are also the time that many decide to get married and some girls have their graduation ball so i've decided to give you some inspiration. 

My manicure was inspired by using the colours that are present on the Impulse City Collection Body Spray.

I started with painting my pinky, middle finger & thumb with essence #lucky.  I'm sure you will find some luck romance while you talk a walk in Paris...

On my ring & index finger i started with painting them with essence wild white ways. 

I decided to do a simple dotticure by making red dots with essence fame fatal. You just got to have a little red to it i mean hello  red are the colour of LOVE...

On my nails that are painted with a pink base i made black polka dots with essence clled black is back.

I guess the closet i will ever come to Paris are with my body spray...and i just find it scentsational! 

************ COMPETITION ******************

Rubybox is running a competition where you could win R3000. To enter this competition visit them  here  the last day that you can enter are the 2nd October 2016 and they will select the winner on the 3rd October 2016

Enjoy the weekend! 


  1. I have to agree... Paris is my favourite too. I love your nail design - gorgeous !

  2. Love your dotticures! I've never tried that brand of perfume but I bet if it's "Paris" it smells great.

    1. Yes, it's a lovely body spray and i must say all the city Collections are great, but this one takes the cake for me.

  3. This sounds great, and I love the matching mani!

  4. So u know where i could find this spray again? Auckland bound

    1. Like i have mentioned in my post you can purchased this body spray from Pick n Pay, Clicks & Dis-Chem.