Saturday, 17 September 2016


Hello Beauties,

How are all of you doing today?  I hope that all of you guys are all cozy and warm, here in South Africa, Cape Town it's cold and we also had rain earlier and just to think that earlier this month we had lovely sunny weather, since it should be getting hotter not colder!

My prompt for today are sharing the thing that i love the most doing!  I'm sure that most could suggest that it could relate to taking pictures...

My favourite thing to do when i'm not blogging is to take photos and i guess that i got this from my Dad, since he used to take photo's photos when he was younger and he also developed photo's.

My dad wasn't always around to take photo's from the desserts that my Mom used to make for Church and School events so i had to jump in.  I started with the old film camera and only in 2008 i got my very own Digital camera. I was very happy with my Camera that i bought back then i  still use it for my blog posting and photo challenges that i compete in with a simple point and shoot camera. It's an Olympus Fe 270 ;7-1 megapixel  camera.

This photo above I've taken one Sunday afternoon while my parents was sleeping and i take my cam and headed outdoors with lovely sunshine as my companion.

I've entered this photo for photo challenge that was in 2014. Some of you that follow my on Twitter would probably have noticed that i'm also a Curator for Viewbug. Thus i'm one of the judges.

It was one of my first photo challenges that I've taken part and i was surprised that I've received two awards with this photo.

I think that i must print this photo with the awards that I've achieved for it and let it be framed or should i get it printed on a canvas?

This year i'm also taken part in another online photo challenge group called Guroshots. The above challenge closed recently and i was chuffed with my results, i was ranked 326th from 10,226 photos!

Since it a world wide competition where everyone one can enter from amateurs like me and professionals and everyone can take part in any photo challenges, but everyone have to start as a newbie and work all the way up to be a Guro level. I've only achieved my second status as a Rookie.

Taking photos from food are my passion or you might say i also have more experience, since my first photos was of desserts. lol

My second favourite genre to take photos are from nature, since this challenge consist of taking a photo with one major element and most of them was flowers. Only one of them was this swan with lip-glosses from Ralo Cosmetics and i'm sure that most of you know this photo, because I've reviewed them earlier this year over here. Another feel good moment when i've received my results - 576 th level from 25,858 photo entries!

So when i'm not blogging i'm mostly with my cam in hand and searching for beautiful things to snap!

Enjoy the last bit of the weekend and i hope that all of you will have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Stay warm,


  1. I love photography as well! Really good that you entered competitions and ended up so high, congrats!

    Kelly Knows It | A life and style blog

    1. Thank you Kelly, what kind of scene do you like or enjoy taking photos off?

  2. Like the post. I love taking pictures. Getting a great picture out of simple things is an art :)

    1. Oh, yes i agree with you. Especially candid photos are a real challenge to get a really great photo!

  3. Nice post! I'm getting better too on photography. I like to share them with everyone.

    1. That great to hear, what your favourite topics to take photo of?