Thursday, 22 September 2016



Hello Beauties,

How are you all doing?  I'm just happy today that we had some wonderful weather for a change in the Mother City and i think it wont be to long anymore then it's Summer time!

With that that being said, it means wonderful days at the beach...

What better way than to end the lovely day at the beach or to get in the holiday spirit with ENJOY FUN in the SUN body wash!

Hear the waves gently breaking on the shore and feel the sand at your feet
as you wash your way to more gorgeous skin with this tropical inspired body wash.
Escape to an island paradise and soak up the sunshine! 

With this quote from ENJOY i just had to have a little pamper session! I have enjoyed my relaxed bath time with scent like pear, fig, mandarin, freesia, palm and lily. With scents like these what more could i really ask for....

MY EXPERIENCE: Most of you would know that i do enjoy scented beauty products, but i also know that some of you are very sensitive regarding scents!  I guess you would think now should i give this product a try?  I would say yes.  Why?  I can say to you that the scent are subtle so you can use it with ease.   My skin felt so soft, smooth and fresh!  The only downfall for me of this product are the cap on the bottle, so if you want to go on holiday and want to pack this in your suitcase then i would suggest that you use a strip of sellotape to ensure that their won't be any leakage.  

RANGE: Body Wash / Body Lotion / Body Mist

PRICE: R39.95

VOLUME: 250 ml

AVAILABLE: Only at Clicks (South Africa)

Have you used this product and did you liked it or have you used any products in this range? If so, what was your experience of it?

Stay blessed,


  1. Replies
    1. It's not as if you can identify each fruit scent on it's own, but yes i do love figs!

  2. I like how you listed the scent notes, it really gives one an idea of what to expect. I bet this is lovely stuff!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Stacie. Oh, yes just perfect for Summer, where i just want to inhale these aroma surrounding me!

  3. Replies
    1. Me too hey! What's your favourite scent at the moment?