Tuesday, 6 September 2016

#CGScreative | #PrettyPopUp Event

Hello beauties,

It's officially Spring, but yet i feel some chilly nights and tomorrow seems like it's going to be cold! To those of you that follow me on Instagram would have noticed that i'm super glad that hopefully we will have our very own Nectarines - can't wait!

On Saturday I went to the #PrettyPopUp event that Roxy have held at The Creamery in Newlands.


To be honest i've never been to this place at all, thus i had to look on Google maps and on the GPS to locate this place. It's actually not so difficult to find it if you know this area!

Once i have arrived at this Cafe i took some photo's and i was amazed with the lovely flavours that was on display!

Roxy from City Girl Searching  have given the first 30 people a Voucher that we could purchase anything from the menu that would equal to R60.

Cheesecake flavour Ice-Cream waffle 
I must admit that The Creamery in Newlands makes the most delicious waffles that i've ever eaten in my entire life! The waffle itself was SO SOFT! Other times when i've eaten a waffle it was thin and hard! My waffle was topped with a Cheesecake flavour ice-cream and it was simply so good!  Only later have i realized that i could have added a toasted Marshmallows on top!   I would 100% recommend you to try this place out, especially if you want to spoil someone!

Some of the lovely ladies that was sitting with me at the table.  All of us was enjoying delicious eats!

I must say that i'm impressed that this cafe had little flower arrangements on their tables!  Most places that i've seen doesn't have that personal touch!

The flower wall display for this event was done by Storm Ross from The Holloway Shop  
Photographer: Roxy Hutton from City Girl Searching 
Roxy have organised this event to showcase her brand by taking photos with the abovementioned backdrop.  Everyone that have attended this event had the opportunity to receive a free photo taken by her! I haven't went to have a photo taken from me, since i'm not that photogenic and i feel better behind a camera than in front of it!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful start of the week!




  1. Replies
    1. Yes i agree the wall that was decorated with flowers was something else and so refreshing to the eye!

  2. What a cute looking place! That waffle looks delicious. :)

    1. Oh yes, it was - was actually what i had for breakfast that morning!

  3. OMG ice cream waffle!! How long since I ate one. Now I feel the urge to!

    1. Enjoy it,what's your favourite Ice-cream with a waffle?

  4. This reminds me of a place we have over here called Demtries!

    1. It's lovely to have such an relaxing atmosphere to hang out.