Monday, 8 August 2016


 Hello Beauties, 

Have you ever wonder what do some bloggers do over weekends?  Wel, let me tell you.  Over 40+ Cape Town based bloggers have held a CTMeetUp at CHINOS COFFEE HOUSE in Kenilworth. The organizer of this CTMeetup was organized by Cindy from 3kids2dogs1oldhouse

Isn't this so fab from CHINOS that they make these car license holders!? 
Since it was my first bloggers CTMeetUp this year i was excited and also somewhat on my nerves. It's one thing to know some bloggers on the blogosphere, but to meet them in real life, seems somewhat daunting especially if you don't know them in the real world.

I've stepped inside and was greeted by Cindy, she have such a spanky vibe kind of personality!

Everyone had to make themselves a name tag, i've chosen the pinkish one with the little rabbits on! The little rabbits reminded me of someone that i know and pink suited with my colour scheme that i was wearing that day! 

Aren't these little rabbits so cute? 

I've met up with Melanie from Melanie's Nook . I've came to know her recently on Social Media and it was lovely to met her in the flesh!

Some of the bloggers chatting up a storm! I think that we all have enjoyed ourselves at this event! Chinos have added some photos of the event and you are welcome to check it out by clicking here we were really being spoiled that day!

Your are most welcome to check out all the other bloggers from Cape Town that have attended the event just click on here.

Our Guest speaker are Abigail from Abigail K and she talked about photography tips. Everyone that have attended the event have received a free course! Thank you so much for your love guesture i'm sure that i will learn loads of tips and tricks during this course to make my photos more appealing to my readers.

So what are a bloggers meetup without a goody bag right!?

I really like the wraps that we received, since blue are my favourite colour and secondly the emblem on the wrap are a tree and we all knew that a tree also represents family history.  In my limited free time i love researching our family history! 

Some of you might have seen the in the media that OSH have announched the newly launched product range "Hair Scentsations"! 

I must admit that i love the smell of this product and i will definitly use this product even if i don't have coloured hair at this stage. 

But please do keep an eye out on my page, since i will have a review up on the OSH Shampoo & Conditioner that are for fine hair. 

I will make full usage of this range, since i haven't tried out this brand yet. I will give my review on this product at some stage. Those that have what are your opinions regarding their Shampoo and Conditioner? 

I'm so going to try out this product soonest! My household members just shouldn't laught when i have to go sleep with this mask on my face, but i've got a feeling that i'm going to love this product, but the proof is in the pudding like my cousin like to tell! 

What can i say i was pleasantly surprised when i've received this liquid lipstick in my goody bag, i'm loving pink colour on my lips and this one is a keeper!  Just going to check out the name of this shade at a later stage! 

I'm so glad that this item was in my goody bag! I'm the one in the house that does all the cooking and there are the few times that i get some burns from steam, trust me it's not a pleasant experience! It's also good for Joint pains and that i experience at some stages especially in my thumbs and insects are also very keen to nib me!  This one would have a special place in the house! 

I was totally blown away with the voucher that i've received from Canal Walk!  I will keep this voucher for my birthday in January, since it would be an outing for me, since i don't travel that far out! 

This would make my pampering time for my next bath time so extra special!


I think this are going to be the new way of taking photos with your cellphone, since you don't need to have to carry a stick with you just stick this sticker to your cell and take a picture, so anywhere you are just make sure that you are close to a window at stick you cell to it and take a pic! The sticker act like a magnet of some sort!  I liked the design that i've received, since i do love my dougnuts! 


I was really excited to open this package! Inside was a lovely handmade soap that are so beautifully wrapped up!  For the time being it's in my drawers so my clothes can absorb the lovely aroma, before i will use it; another little gem was the Aloe Theraphy hand lotion. The cherry on top was the R100 voucher that we've received inside! Whohoo! 

Each goody bag also consisted of tea bags. Two tea bags of lavender Rooibos tea & two Lavender Honeybush tea.

I was really impressed with the healthy benefits of the tea! Just to name a few:
• Lowers nervousness and anxiety
• Eases insomnia
• Improves circulation
• Relaxing and soothing effect on the mind and the body!  

Last bit not least you've got to end the day with a fresh note, so everyone received Sugar-free Peppermints!  


At the end of the bloggers MeetUp their was also a give away and i was the one of the lucky bloggers to have received a VIN d'Easel prize. 

I've got to make some space for my lovely goodies that i've received, but there are going to be some brand that will always be close to my heart here! 

Stay beautiful! 


  1. It was so nice to meet you and Im glad you enjoyed yourself.

    The goodie bags are amazing, I'm already testing some of the products for review purpose.

    Have a lovely Women's Day

    1. The same to you Melanie, the same with me; some of the products would also being tested for my blog. ☺

  2. Sounds like a great event made even better by the swag!

    1. Yes, it was a great event and the treats was delicious , especially the lemon tarts!

  3. This looks like a really fun meetup! Your goodie bag is nothing to sneeze at either, there's a lot of good stuff in there! Those John Frieda products are some of my faves. :)

    1. Glad to know that you adore John Frieda products! ☺

  4. The goodie bags look so awesome - let me know how you like that Lush massage bar - It's one I've been wanting to order for some time.

    1. I will do a review on the Lush Shimmy Shimmy soap in due time! Thank you for commenting, Lynette!

  5. Nail meet ups are so much fun! The goodie bags look fantastic!

    1. Yes, i agree it was. Hopefully there will be more meetUp's.

  6. I have been eyeing that Revlon lip color for the longest time! Must try soon :) Thanks for sharing xoxo, sharon

    1. I was happy to have received that shade in my Goody bag!

  7. Replies
    1. Blogger MeetUp's are fun, it where you got to meet fellow bloggers and get tips on how to improve on certain area's of your blog like we've discussed photography at this event.