Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Good Morning Beauties,


I  have two gorgeous looking nail polishes from Ralo Cosmetics to show you today. During the end of 2015 they have included the GEL LOOK polish in their Professional range. The two gel look polish that i'm going to show you have launched in May 2016. 

COLLECTION: Ralo Cosmetics Professional GEL LOOK finish


#110 Seashell 

I really like the colour of Seahell it's a lovely shade that you can wear to any occasion. I would classify this as a nude colour. Their's nothing wrong about the colour. This colour reminds me of the little seashells that i have in my licing room - Hello Summer, where are you hiding? I want to go to the beach and pick up some seashells! 

#109 Purple Dew 

Purple Dew are such an amazing polish to wear during the winter season that we have currently. 


#110 - Seashell: For a Gel type of polish i expected a thicker polish. For me the texture are too thin.  I don't know wheather, it's because i've received a bad batch, but it run quickly to my cuticles. I had to do some cleaning up. I've applied three coat's, since the polish was very thin to achieve and even coat. 

#109 Purple Dew: It's a lovely texture no running and it's applies evenly. I've applied two coats. 

PRICE: R44.50 per bottle

WHAT I LIKE: I was surprised that they have a GEL LOOK polish! Yes, it really shines and i haven't applied a Top Coat on the polish,but to have more wearing time i would suggest that you do apply a Top Coat. 

I enjoy wearing darker colours in Winter so, this one i would definitly wear Purple Dew again and i would purchase this polish in the future.Purple Dew have a lovely texture and the application are smooth and even. 

Seashell i would wear the polish again, since i really love the shade, but wouldn't purchase this shade in the near future. 


What are your favourite shade from these two nail polishes? Would you purchased a GEL LOOK nail polish? 

Keep a look out on my blog, since i would share more reviews of ralo Cosmetics soon! 

Take care! 

*These product/s was send to me in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. Very pretty colors, and they look great together!

  2. I would definitely wear both colours right now, in the middle of a hot Italian summer!

    1. Enjoy the lovely Summer weather that you have! ☺

  3. I like both of these and they play so well together too! Love that they are nice and shiny without a top coat!

  4. Lovely mani! I don't usually like nude or creamy shades but Seashell looks gorgeous! x

    1. Glad that you like this colour Becca, it makes two of us! ☺