Sunday, 10 July 2016


Hello Beauties,

Isn't it a lovely day when the sun are shining? During winter time i appreciated the sun alot more, since i'm not a fan of te cold or should i rather say the icy cold side of Winter!  Today was such a lovely day, not even the house was cold! How have you spend the warmer day's during the Winter season?  I like to spens in the by going outdoors and soak some Vit D in...

Some while ago, when we went shopping we had to purchase a new Air fresher for the toilet.  I was looking for something different this time, since my mother always picks lavender!  Nothing wrong with the flavour, is just that every scent from the polish, the fabric softner and toilet spray have always been Lavender!

This time, i've picked the....

...Strawberries & Cream fragrance fromn Glade.  I always enjoy scents that have a bit of a fruity notes in them and secondly the design on the canister was appealing to me.

BRAND: Glade Secrets Aerosol

DESCRIPTION: Aerosol Air Freshner

PRODUCT CLAIM: The very essence of summer, the scent of ripe red strawberries and rich whipped cream will treat each room in your home to a smell that's as tempting and delicious as your favourite fruity dessert.
• Eliminates Odors
• Freshers the air
• Acts in seconds
• Quality Fragrance
• Long lasting Fragrance 
DIRECTION: Shake well before each use; hold can upright ; press button and spray towards the center of the room.

♥  Lilly of the Valey
♥  Harmony
♥  Baby Cares
♥  Strawberries & Cream
♥  Lavender Fields
♥  Clean Linen
♥  Morning Freshness
♥  Ocean Escape

VOLUMN: 180 ml

PRICE: R13.90

MY EXPERIENCE: Have the product met their standards for what they claim?  My answer are mostly yes.  I've used the product in my room and the toilet and i could say the toilet have never smelled so delicious! ☺ Winter has the effect on me that i just feel so down that i hardly want to climb out of bed, but with this flavour it reminds me of the blissfull summer time, so since it's still a long time for winter to arrive, so i have brought a little summer indoors.  Makes winter just a little bit more comfordable.

♥  Free from CFC's
♥  South African product
♥ Affordable
♥ Selection to choose from

‼  Didn't experience a long lasting fragrance

What are favourite air freshner? Have you used any Glade varients? If so, what are your experience?

Until next time,


  1. Nice post. Never tried this brand. After read your post for sure I go for it.

    1. I would love to know what fragrance you are going to pick! Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I am usually just a candle fan myself, but I like any kind of Hawaiian scent usually.

    1. Candles are lovely to use in house, but in the toilet; it's just not that practical.

  3. I wsh I could like this , but I am so sensitive to frangranced sprays and this brand makes my skin break out in hives. I'm weird I know. Lol. But I know Glade is an amazing brand.

    1. Awe, that so aweful, so what brand do you use that doesn't affect you like this?

  4. I've started using candles since the fragrance lasts longer. But I like fruity scents as well.

    1. I know about the candles and i would use them in the living and bedroom, but in the toilet i won't leave a candle burning! I adore fruity scents!

  5. OMG!!! Where did you buy that from? Strawberries and cream was discontinued a few years ago in the US

    1. From our local shop, but i'm from South Africa so i think that the reason why we have it still here.