Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Hallo beauties,

UPDATED for RSA readers

How are you all doing?  I'm so glad for the sunshine that we had today!  I sincerly hope that you've enjoyed it too! Since we all know how cold this season are and it's going to much more colder essence have a new limited edition that are going to be released soon and i simply can't wait for them to hit the stores!! ☺

Through the rain! In September and October 2016   April 2017, essence is taking an autumn walk
in the rain with the new trend edition “me & my umbrella”. Throughout the fall season, the most important accessories include umbrellas and a beauty selection in it's colours like rosewood, camel and grey. Favorites include the matt lipsticks with a high coverage in rosewood and dark red as well as the nail polishes with a cool “rain boots” effect. Autumn is coming – with essence!

essence me & my umbrella – matt eyeshadow
Under my umbrella! Two matt eyeshadows in vanilla and grey with a velvety, soft texture create long-lasting make-up styles. Available in 01 be your own rainbow and 02 take me to the clouds.
Around R44,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – eyebrow thickener
Rainb(r)ows. The eyebrow powder with an innovative sponge applicator ensures smooth and perfectly defined brows from the very first application. In two nuances – for blondes and brunettes. Available in 01 brighter than sunshine and 02 walking on the rainbow.
Around R54,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – matt lipstick
On cloud nine! Luscious rosewood and dark red conjure-up an intensive look with a matt finish on the lips. Available in 01 crazy autumn love and 02 i ♥ rainy days. Around R49,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – wet look lipgloss
Weather-proof. The transparent gloss lights up the lips with ultra-shiny results.
Available in 01 dancing in the rain. 
[Not available in South Africa]

essence me & my umbrella – blush
Hello harvest! The rosé blush with a cool “you can stand under my umbrella” embossment gives any complexion a fresh and healthy touch. Available in 01 you can stand under my umbrella. Around R74,95*.
I must say that i like the design of the blush? What do you think? 
essence me & my umbrella – mini contouring set
BeautiFALL. The contouring set contains two mini sticks with a creamy texture – each with one highlighter and one contouring shade. Includes step-by-step instructions for perfect results.
Available in 01 let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day. Around R64,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – contouring brush
Rainy days. The special shape of this brush makes it perfect for blending creamy as well as powdery textures. Available in 01 i like people who smile when it's raining. Around R64,95*.

essence me & my umbrella – rain boots nail polish
Gumboots-Look! The nail polishes in vanilla, grey-green, rosewood and dark red with a “rain boots” effect have a semi-matt, gummy finish. Available in 01 crazy autumn love, 02 i ♥ rainy, 03 take me to the clouds and 04 i have my pocket full of sunshine. Around R44,95*.

The shape of the nail polish bottles let's me think of last year's "Merry berry" collection! I will definitly keep a look out for the collection!  What are your favourite colour fromn this collection? For me i would say "i ♥ sunshine & i have my pocket full of sunshine"! But as you know me i always try to get the full range, but seldom do, maybe my luck would be in this time around! 

essence me & my umbrella – nail stencils
Autumn leaves & Co. Create autumnal designs like umbrellas, leaves or clouds in a flash with these practical nail stencils. Available in 01 happiness is … sharing my umbrella with you. Around R29,95*.
essence me & my umbrella – wet look top coat
Raindrops keep falling on my… nails! The unique top coat leaves behind tiny (rain)drops on the nails after drying. Available in 01 you make me smile when skies are grey.
What do we have here beauties? An top coat that looks like tiny raindrops? I just HAVE to lay my hand on this cutie! ☺ 

essence me & my umbrella – hand cleansing gel
No matter whether you’ve just returned from an autumn walk or are busy dancing in the rain – with the hand cleansing gel, your hands will always be clean and fresh when you’re on the go – without the need for water or soap. Available in 01 dancing in the rain.
[Not available in South Africa]

essence “me & my umbrella” will be available in stores in September and October 2016**
Available in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Ireland, Dansk, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Costa Rica, Panama, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Oman, United Arabic Emirates.

essence “me & my umbrella” will be available in Dis-Chem stores in April 2017**.


  1. Makes me wish we had Essence readily available here. Those polishes are lovely.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, yes they always have something new and interesting for everyone! ☺

  3. I am pretty sure this edition isn't going to arrive to Italy, which is a shame. That blush packaging is so cute!

    1. Simone, this range will be available in Italy so keep an eye out for your favourite goodies! ☺

  4. The packaging is so cute! I love that blush!

  5. I love this! Where did you get the confirmation that it will arrive in Sept or October? I have been looking all over the Essence website, International and local without seeing this range. It just look stunning!

    1. It's information that we as bloggers receive from them personally. Just keep you eyes on my blog, since the moment they are on the market i would inform my readers! I'm also loooking forward to this range sweetie!