Friday, 29 July 2016


Hello Beauties,

I'm glad that we had some sunshine today!  I just love to be able to go outdoors and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and today was the day! There's plenty of other reason i was also happy!  For those that follow me on facebook or Twitter would know what have caused that extra smile on my face today! ☺

Earlier this year essence have bought out some new lipbalms and i thought to myself should i purchase one or not?

So i have decided why not give it a try? Which one would i chooice, since there are four different lipbalms in this range. They are raspberry kiss, strawberry kiss, cherry kiss and lastly berry kiss.
These are all fuity flavours and i always enjoy wearing something fruity, except that i'm not a fan of cherry flavour.. I opted for the berry kiss lipbalm.

Most of the time when i'm at home i tend to wear something that are easy going to these type of balms are one of my favourites, especially that they are not sticky at all! Who want to have your hair stick to your lips!? Not me that's for sure!

Easy application and you have control of how much lip balm you want to have on your lips.

I would say that these type of glosses would be perfect for your little daughter who also want to feel special! Perfect gloss for the teenagers and for everyone that just want to have some moisture on their lips and it's lightly scented. Perfect gloss to put in your jacket or Jean pocket!

What are your favourite lip balm from this range? Have you tried any of these?

Keep well!


  1. Great review. I just hate it when glosses are sticky and I get it in my hair.
    Fruity flavours sounds really nice.

  2. Stickyness is the worst. This product sounds great!

    1. Thank you, i agree with you; sticyness are a no-no from me!

  3. I'm so glad to hear this wasn't sticky. That's why I had stopped wearing glosses because they usually ended up being sticky.

    1. I guess then you know where to look for you lipgloss! ☺

  4. Very nice review. All time all season I need lip balm it's look good.