Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Hallo Beauties,


I guess that we all just want to spend time indoors either by watching movies whilee e are laying in our beds and sipping on our favourite cup of Hot Chocolate or some fish and chips from your locaal take away!

I've got a lovely surprise instore for you.  Ralo have these amazing lipglosses that have been released earlier this year and they also added another two to this collection.  I must say, the following about this range there's one for every person on the market.

Ralo lipglos range

With this range i would say you have a lipgloss for all year round.  From light pink to the darker shades of purple.

WHAT I SAY: Let's have a look at the packaging. I like that i can clearly see what colour gloss are in the tube. That way i can clearly see what colour i want to purchase.

Let's talk about colour: The only downfall for me personally are that you don't know the name of the actual lipgloss that you are going to purchase.  At the bottom of the tube are only a number listed. personally i feel that they should printed the name of these shades on the tube.

The staying power depends mostly on how many beverages and food you are going to consume, but for me it stayed for almost an hour which isn't to bad for the lighter shades for the more pigmented shades it would laste longer. Easy application - doe foot applicator. This range consist of 12 colours. These lipglosses are lightly scented.  Just wanted to inform, since i know some people are very sensitive to scented cosmetics.

PRICE: R34.50


Dusty pink shimmer lipgloss

DUSTY PINK SHIMMER:  I must say that i really liked this colour and it complementes my skin tone so well.This colour will suit everybody skin tone, tends to a nude colour. No sticky feeling at all. 

Crystall Clear  lipgloss

CRYSTAL CLEAR: It's a clear lip gloss that are suited mostly for people that wants to wear a gloss on their lips, but doesn't like colour.  Or if you want to wear a little gloss over your favourite lipstick to give it that shine.  Just note that this gloss are sticky.  Be ccareful if you go outdoors and you have long hair! 

Ballerina Slipper lipgloss

It's one of my ABSOLUTE favourite colours of this range.  Maybe just because it reminds me of the ballerina slippers that i just eyed when i was at school. It just looked so elegant - very girls dream i guess to wear those slippers.  I didn't had the opportunity, but at least i can wear it one my lips! 
Lovely shade for summer time and it would suit perfectly to wear for work as well. 

Pink Rocker lipgloss

PINK ROCKER: It's a very bright pink colour, but once you apply it to your lips it's not so bright at all. A lovely colour to add some fun to your look. A must have for the Summer! 

Strawberry Daiquri

STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI: Lovely shade and if you can't consume acohol at all, then the next bet would be this one. Another colour that i would wear this summer! 

Choc Cheery lipgloss

CHOC CHERRY: Are very pigmented and this one complement my winter jecket so well.  Perfect for a winter warmy feeling. 

Forest Berry lipgloss

FOREST BERRY: Also one of my favourites to wear. 

Coral Kiss lipgloss

CORAL KISS: Want to be part of the ocean?  Pick this colour to match your swimming costume. 

Vintage Rose lipgloss

VINTAGE ROSE: I like the name of this so classic and elegant. 

Rose petals lipgloss

ROSE PETALS: Perfect colour, especially if you are going to attend a wedding! 

Cranberry Kiss lipgloss

CRANBERRY KISS: Latest addition to this lovely range of glosses. Just what i need for the winter! 

Spiced Berry lipgloss

SPICED BERRY: Also another addition to this collection. Lovely rich colour to stay in trend this winter! 


Any particular shade that you fancy to wear? Have you heard of Ralo Cosmetics before? 

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*These lipglosses was send to me for an honest opinion. 


  1. Definitely have not heard of Ralo before-- I don't think it's a brand we have access to here in the States! There are a lot of pretty colors here! The Dusty Pink Shimmer looks like a great every day color!

    1. Your right they are based in South Africa. I agree it was one of the first lip glosses that i have tested.

  2. I must admit, NEVER used Ralo before and just by looking at your pictures posted above makes me want to try out one or two colours. They all look so tempting! The CHOC CHERRY will be first on my list and then the STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRY ... thank you SO much for introducing Ralo to me ;-)

    1. Glad to hear that, well if you live in South Africa then i'm sure that you'll be able to get your hands on them - you can just comment and tell me where you live and i can check which store are the closest to you. Thank you for commenting!

  3. I have never heard of the brand before. These glosses seem well opaque from the swatches, which is what I love in a lip product!

    1. Glad to hear that you liked them. Where are you live, it's a South African cosmetics companye - that could be the reason that you've never heard about them. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Wow, so many gorgeous colours! You mentioned they are scented- how are the scented? I generally don't mind some scented lip products, but if it is floral, especially rose, forget it!

  5. It's been ages since I used a clear lip gloss, because I always forget how versatile it is. Definitely need to revisit this old favorite :) The glosses are gorgeous, by the way! I love how pigmented the reds are.

    1. Hi Anastasia, i'm glad that you liked these. Glad to have reminded you - enjoy!

  6. I have never heard of this brand before but there are definitely a few of them that I would try instantly. I love how opaque they are from the swatches.

    1. Ralo Cosmetics are an South African company. Yes, i agree these are looking fab and glad that you like them too!