Monday, 14 March 2016


Hallo Beauties,

I hope that you all had a peaceful weekend where you could have just relaxed and recharged your batteries for the week ahead!

Some of you may have noticed that i have announced on my FB Page about my update regarding my 100th blog post!

On Friday I've posted my 100th blog post entry!  If you haven't had the chance to read it yet you can just click here the post was about a foam bath "peaches & cream" review.

Some of you might think or even say so what? Who cares!?  But to me it means a lot. This little on-line space are my 'baby' and i care about her a lot. I have also learn't a lot along the way, she's also just a little over 1 years old!

My journey with her started in February 21, 2015 and my first entry was titled Tiny Bubbles   and everything started from there!

I started this blog to help me cope with life and to forget about things that troubled me sometimes. Life isn't always easy and that's when i'm switching of and i'm doing my writings of blog post or taking photos and editing them, testing out products or painting my nails etc.

I really enjoy reading comments from what you like on my blog. Most of you liked the time when i painted my nails that looked like 'Gum nails' where a packet of Jelly Tots was my inspiration or when i've done a manicure with green and gold half moon nail art manicure. Thank you for commenting it really does mean so much to me; more than you'll ever know!

With time ticking by she have also had a change in design she have grown a little.  You can almost say she had a mini face-lift! ☺ I enjoy spending time with her and learning all the time as i go along in this blogosphere.

During this past weekend i had a look at some of my older post and i could see that my entries had change over time for the better.  I've also experimented a lot with my camera to take better photo's, since a picture alone also speaks volumes.

During this time I've met some wonderful bloggers out there and I've gained so much advice from some of them when i was having some technical issues or wanted to know what would looks better etc. So to every person that have inspired me, commented on my post thank you and to those that are lurking, don't be afraid leaving a comment, i don't bite and i do like to read what you have to say.

Stay sweet and remember to be true to yourself and don't let others tear you down.



  1. Congratulations hun :) I know what you mean my blog is my little place to relax and not think about the twists and turns life throws our way. Look forward to seeing 100 more :D x

    1. Thanks for stopping by and yes i hope there will be another 100 to follow!

  2. Happy 100th Post! That's really a major accomplishment. There are so many people who start blogging and quit within only a few months. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging and you have many years to come. Blogging has been amazing outlet for me and I've gained so much out of life from it. I'm approaching 6 years next month.

    1. Thanks, yes i know at some stages i wanted to quit too! I check your blog out from time to time and i must say it's so lovely to see the different products that are available there, than here in RSA!