Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Hello Beauties,
I'm so glad when i have received the news that lights of orient will be available here in South Africa at last! I have a few of these goodies that i had set my eyes on for a very long time, so the wait are nearly over! 

It’s time to feel the magic of Arabian nights with essence! We’re excited to hear what you think of this new trend edition. 

Oriental beauty express! Let essence take you on an exciting journey into the world of 1001 Arabian Nights with the new trend edition “lights of orient”from mid April to mid May 2016 and dive into the oriental culture. The pulsating bustle around the souks, desert landscapes with magnificent Bedouin tents and the temperamental rhythm of the belly dancers – the unique flair fascinates all visitors. And the oriental look with deep black eyeliner and golden highlights is also impressive.

The colour scheme of this bronzing edition is as warm as the Arabian sun with cream, gold, copper and various nuances of red. There are many treasures just waiting to be discovered, including a beautiful bronzer in an oriental design with a matt bronzing texture and shimmering golden powder in the center. The matt lipsticks in trendy oxblood as well as two additional red tones and the golden body tattoos are particularly eye-catching on tanned skin. The body splash with a warm, floral fragrance provides a boost of freshness on hot, sunny days.

essence loves… Arabian nights! 

This trend edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, *South Africa, UK, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Myanmar, Philippines, Chile, Colombia, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arabic Emirates, and online at www.kosmetik4less.de
*In South Africa this range will be released later in the year. 

essence lights of orient – eyeshadow palette - 4,49 € |R84.95
Light and shadows! The eyeshadow palette with six warm colours creates either subtle or intensive nude-looks as desired. With its small duo-applicator, integrated mirror and ornamental design, the palette is sure to become a true favorite. 
Available in we ♥ arabian nights.

essence lights of orient – eyebrow shaper - 2,29 € | R44.50

Genie in a pen. The eyebrow pen with a retractable mine in light or dark brown ensures perfectly defined brows. The second end combines a sponge for blending and a sharpener. Available in 01 sunkissed beauty and 02 oriental beauty.

essence lights of orient – magic eyeliner pen - 2,49 € | N/A

Mystic eyes! This eyeliner pen with a round, conical felt-tip in mysterious black is ideal for creating classic eyeliner looks and smokey eyes – and it’s perfect for oriental Cat Eyes, too! Available in 01 aladdin loves cat eyes.

essence lights of orient – matt lipstick - 2,49 € | R 47.95

Arabian nights. These bold red shades – trendy oxblood, intensive purple
and warm rosewood – with a matt finish provide the lips with a true glam
factor! Comes in an elegant slim-stick shape. 
Available in 01 belly dancing queen, 02 princess jasmines choice and 03 the sultan's daughter.

essence lights of orient – bronzer - 3,29 € | R 63.50

The rising sun! The bronzer with an oriental pattern unites a matt powder
with a shimmering golden center – both can be mixed and matched to
your heart’s content. Available in two versions – for lighter and darker
skin types – to ensure a slightly tanned-looking complexion. 
Available in 01 sunkissed beauty and 02 oriental beauty. 

essence lights of orient – highlighter stick - 3,99 €  |R 76.95
Desert glow. The creamy jumbo stick with golden shimmer pigments
creates gorgeous highlights on your face. Quick and easy to apply thanks
to the practical pen-shape, it is ideal for the trendy “strobing” look.
Available in 01 golden gate to orient.

essence lights of orient – blush - 3,29 € | N/A

Light of dawn! The two-tone powder blush with a soft texture in rosewood
with a pink part ensures a fresh complexion – as if you have just returned
from an exciting tour of the desert. 
Available in 01 princess jasmines choice.

essence lights of orient – blush brush - 2,99 € | N/A
ARTifact. The slanted shape of the brush allows an accurate application of
powder blush. The brush is a true beauty-gem with its golden handle and
ornamental design. Available in 01 a whole new world.

essence lights of orient – nail polish - 1,99 € | R 38.95

Colours of orient. Gold and purple with metallic effects as well as
rosewood and oxblood with a high-shine finish provide the nails with longlasting colour and great coverage. 
Available in 01 golden gate to orient02 the sultan's daughter, 03 princess jasmines choice and 04 belly dancing queen.

I'm looking forward to purchase the nail polishes! Are you? 

essence lights of orient – body & cuticle tattoos - 2,99 € | R57.95
Body art. Golden and turquoise body and cuticle tattoos in various ornamental designs ensure wow-styles, especially on tanned skin! Available in 01 magic carpet ride. Three sheets with a total of 56 tattoos.

I'm so going to get these tattoos,to jazz up my nail art this time of the year! 

essence lights of orient – oriental body splash - 2,99 € | R 57.95

Refresh! The light body spray with a summery, floral scent provides a boost of freshness on hot days at the bazaar or in the souks. 
Available in 01 genie in a bottle. 100 ml.

I'm not so sure if i'm going to purchase the body splash, so i guess when i do have a post of this Limited Edition if would be part of the feature. 

essence “lights of orient” will be available in stores from mid April to mid May 2016**.
**as long as stocks last .

essence “lights of orient” will be available in Clicks stores from March 2017.** 


  1. Great review hun :) those polish shades look lush x

  2. This is a pretty collection. I love colors like this in makeup. I wish we could get it here!

    1. I agree i'm looking forward to the nail goodies! Maybe you should try the online store?

  3. The bronzer and nail polishes ... *swoon*


  4. These sound wonderful! Would love to try their bronzers :-)

    1. Go check them out Jasmin, i do hope that you would be able to find them.

  5. Replies
    1. I'm really glad to know that you find something from this range that you like.

  6. Looks like a fab product range and since they're available in the UK I'm gonna check them out next time I need some makeup.

    1. I'm not so sure if they will be available in the UK this year, you can have a look to check. This time they are in South Africa. This limited edition was released last year in various places.

  7. These products look awesome, especially the nail polishes! Looove the colours! :)

    1. You are so right i just hope that their are still going be some left when i will be able to go to the shops later this month!

  8. Ive heard a lot about this collection. The products seem so beautiful

    1. They sure do Maikel. Which one stood out for you?

  9. Arabian nights collection has such a nice colors! I love the 02 oriental beauty bronzing powder and those lipsticks seem really good! Would love to try all of these products.
    BS, xx

    1. Hehe, glad that you like some of these goodies already. essence have great limited editions ranges.

  10. I love those colours! And I love essence anyway so this is totally going on my shopping list.
    Katja xxx

    1. I do hope that you are based in South Africa, since they are available this time here, but you have to check it out hey - you never know!

  11. These look amazing, I will definitely have to give them a go!


    1. Please let me know what you have decided to purchase!

  12. One of each please! Awaiting for the reviews :)

    1. Then i suggest if it's available in your area that you go asap. I hope that i will find some when i'm at the shops.

  13. Replies
    1. I do hope that you will find some of these wonderful items!