Sunday, 7 February 2016

NEW Crumpets Nail Tarts Presents Aqua with Dots

Hallo beauties,

Jip, i'm back with another nail art manicure and it's the first one for me this year - i think it's a bit overdue!

So for those that doesn't know i'm a member of this group on Facebook and we all have the same theme it's just that we have our own style or technique.  For today's manicure my style are dots.

I've decided to use the following nail polish colours:

• essence: the gel base coat
• essence the gel wild wet ways [colour intensifier base]
• essence the gel black is back
• Just be gorgeous Aqua Attitude
• Tip Top Matt-nificent

I always use essence the gel base coat, since they are really great and the drying time are great, thus i don't have to wait so long before i can paint my nails. Without further ado here are my manicure for todays prompt.

I must say i'm so glad that I've used essence the gel wild white ways, since it really brings out the Aqua colour out.  For a little something different I've decided to paint my ring finger half white and halve black and just added the dots on all my fingers on the left side of each nail.

I'm really glad that i have purchased this colour last month.  This one are an absolute must have item in your polish collection.

Doesn't the black and white look so stunning together!  I just love it!

I must confess this are the only Aqua colour that i have in my entire nail polish collection.  I have purchased this colour from Jet Store last year and i really like their nail polish range Just be gorgeous they are really affordable for just under R10.

I've decided to give my manicure a Matt finish and it looks great I'm glad that i made this little purchase from Tip Top way back in 2010.

So what do you think of this manicure do you like it?

Till next time,

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  1. The dots are so gorgeous ! Stunning !

  2. I love it! That aqua color is beautiful. :)

    1. Hi Lizzy, I'm glad that you do. I must admit Just be gorgeous nail lacquer are lovely to work with and they have fabulous colours.