Friday, 15 January 2016


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Can you believe in two weeks time it's February and that's the month of romance! So some of you are dreaming of having your first kiss, a date night out!  But do you have kissable lips!? So we are going to talk about lip products!

There are so many products that are on the market for our lips!  Have you ever wondered what they are and what their purpose are for our lips!?   Today we are going to have a look at Lip gloss.

When you hear the word lip gloss what comes to your mind?  You might be think of a bus full of teenagers applying bubble-gum coloured gloss on a bus ride to school, but their are a wide variety of colours to appeal to everyone.

They cater to different needs and age groups.  Their are so many different kinds of lip glosses on the market like full colour, sheer, glitter, SPF protection.  Some are more sheer and other give your more of a natural look.  

Lip gloss is a type of product that are being applied to our lips to make them appear shinier and also smoother.  Lip gloss may be coloured to provide a tint to our lips or it may be clear to give a shine.

Lip glosses are popular and they are available in any colour.  In addition to colour many lip glosses offer other benefits as well.  Some do contain ingredients designed to moisturized and to soften our lips, while other may contain sunscreen to protect our lips from the UV rays that may damage our lips.  This is very important, since the shiniest of the lip gloss tends to attract sunlight, which can leads to burns, wrinkles or even cancer.  Lip glosses may contain sunscreen from SPF 5 - 15.

Lip gloss may be worn independently or it may be worn on top of a lip balm or lipstick.  Wearing gloss on top of is fairly popular, because the colour of the lipstick last longer when protected by the gloss and it add a shine to the lipstick.

The gloss may contain ingredients to give it a metallic or glittery appearance as well.  They are also often flavoured or scented to be more appealing and they may also contain antioxidants such as Vit C or Vit E.

Lip glosses are sold in different forms; in a squeeze tube where the lip gloss is applied directly to the lips; or in a tube with a applicator wand to allow you to brush the gloss to your lips.

Good for... people with dry skin, because lip gloss tends to be moisturizing.

Avoid if... your seeking long lasting colour, since gloss comes of quicker and it can also be messy, because it stays moist the entire time you wear it.

Don't miss the follow up post, since we are going to talk about how to apply lip gloss!

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