Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Good day beauties,

Thank you so much for reading blog entries.  I've complied a blog post about your favourite nail art manicures from 2015.

Sugar Nail Art was one of the most that everyone liked and i must say it was one of my favourites manicures to complete. I'm sure that you would too!

Some have asked me if you could add a Matt Top Coat on it, since this manicure won't last like a regular manicure, since you can't wash your hands.  The answer would be yes you can add a Top Coat, but i would rather suggest that you use a piece of plastic lid or something similar  to put the Top Coat on then use you brush and apply it one your nails.

The reason i tell you this are simply you might carrying some of the sugar to your bottle of Top Coat and that won't be good. Just remember to make sure that the brush that you've used are clear and that their are o sugar bits in your brush before you put it back to your nail polish bottle.

Coffee Inspired Nail Art   Some of my followers are experience Winter now and what better way than to wear your coffee on your nails.

I loved the feedback that i've received on this manicure.  This manicure are one that i'm proud to wear and surely a wonderful manicure.  Have any of your painted your nails with your favourite drink?

Watermelon  I've done this manicure for last year link up and i must say it was a challenge for me to complete, but i was happy with the end result ans i'm glad that.

It's Summer here in South Africa, Cape Town and lots of people eat watermelons at the moment!

Dra die Bok This nail art was one of the manicures that received so many good feedback that i just simply had to include in the post!  Thank you!!

I received good feedback when people saw me with this manicure as well, since it was rugby season green & gold was the way to go!

Fun with flags 
This manicure are one of my favourite manicures that people still enjoy reading on my blog at the moment.

This manicure was inspired from Germany flag. I must sate the essence black and red looks well together, i just hope that they bring create a gold in the gel series.

Blood dripping Nails

I really enjoyed to create this blood drip effect nail art for Halloween and i'm glad that you liked it too!

Halloween Eyes
Doesn't these eyes just look so cute, but yet a little bit creepy at the same time!

Till next time,


  1. So much awesomeness!! I still love that sugar mani. ^_^

    1. Thank you so much, Liz! Yes, i know alot of people liked that one!

  2. Wow Ive never heard of coffee or sugar on the nails cool :D

    1. Thank you for visiting and you kind words, Yes, their are all kinds of stuff that you can wear on your nails. Just tuned into my blog and you will discover a lot of more interesting ideas that you can wear on your nails this year!