Saturday, 23 January 2016

Oh So Heavenly |Love your Lips | Perfect Pout | Plumping lip gloss

Hello beauties,

Can you believe it's  weekend!  It's just feels like yesterday when we were all still in New Year mood?

I'm sure that most of you should know by now that Oh So Heavenly started a lip range called "Love your Lips" at the end of last year.

I have decided to give the lip gloss from them a go, since i love most of their other goodies and it's just the perfect time to take care of our lips!  Why?  Well, for starters who wants to have cracked or dry lips? Secondly some of you might be looking forward to next's the month of love they say!  So you must take extra care of your lippies and what better way to get lovely soft lips than with Oh So Heavenly lip gloss!

PRODUCT CLAIM: This charmingly fruity lip gloss contains Phytonutrients to help plump lips and berry colouring to gently tint lips for enhanced beauty.  Packed with flavour bursting with sugar plum and grape bubblegum, you are sure to feel irresistible with this delicious, kissable lip gloss! 


The lip gloss comes in a clear tube. The name of the company and the name of the range  product are printed just underneath. The name of the gloss also appear in larger print.  The gloss have a purple screw cap that fits perfectly on the tube to ensure that their won't be any spillage.


Just smooth over your lips as often as required.


When you would look at my swatch above you would notice that the colour are purple and it's very glossy.


The texture of the lip gloss are very smooth and it's feels a bit silky to me. 

It's a Sugar Plum flavourite lip gloss.


The lip gloss have a mild taste of grape and plums.


The lip gloss wear time was about an hour with drinking and i think that reasonable.


I'm very pleased with this particular lip gloss from Oh So Heavenly, lovely smell and great taste to it and makes my lips soft. I just didn't like the tube application, would have preferred a doe-foot applicator. 


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RRP: ZAR 29.99 


√ Affordable √ Great value for money √ Lovely smell √ Great taste 
√ Perfect size for the handbag 



What are your thought regarding this particular lip gloss? Have you tried or used it before? Do you like lip gloss in general?

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  1. How have I missed this ( but then again now that I'm back at work I hardly go to Clicks... lol ) ... The colour in the tube is SOOOOOOOOO gorgeous. *swoon*

    1. The lip gloss have been released quite some time ago, but yes, i really like this flavour their are another flovour also available at Clicks. I'm glad that you liked it, Lynette!