Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Hello beauties,

We all love having beautiful nails, but their are such a wide variety of nails files on the market.  What type of nail file should i use on my natural nails?

Emery Boards are the best nail file on the market and the best to work with.  I know like previously some people will state otherwise and say that the Glass Nail Files are the best.  Personally I don't like Glass Nail files, simply because they are only available in one grit. Secondly they are expensive the real ones, the cheaper version are fake. They are also breakable and thus you need to be very careful when you work with them. Lastly they are not so easy to work with, especially if you have long nails. 

The reason why i prefer Emery board Nail Files  are that they are cheaper and every person can have good looking nails without spending a fortune just to have good nails.  They are available in different grits. Easy to work with. They are easily available to most people. Emery Board Nail files are doing a fantastic job by "sealing" your nail plate and it prevents peeling nails. The only downside are that there longevity are short, thus make sure that you buy every few weeks some at your local store.  

I've received some nail files to review from These Nail files are a unique design & shape, fits comfortably within your fingers with no sharp points. The small size of these nail files makes it easy to file your finger & toe nails without poking or rubbing the toe or finger next to the one being filed.

To use the file simply grasp the file at both ends simultaneously at each end and file your nails. By using these files eliminates the possibility of poking or causing an abrasion from the longer style nail files.  This is a safe and comfortable way to perform a manicure or pedicure.  Our finger files fits your fingers comfortably, simply place your thumb at one end and any other finger you choose in the other end.

The samples that I've received were in the following grits.

• Tiger Print File Wise Nail File 180/240
• Leopard Print File Nail File 180/240
• Blue & light blue Nail File 120/240

I must say that i enjoyed filing my nails with them.  I've used it for a couple of weeks to know how my nails would look and feel. Will there be any peeling etc? My answer would be that my nails never looked in a better shape and they are not so prone to peeling any more. Emery board nail files does the super job or 'sealing' the nail plate.

So why would i recommend these File Wise Nail Files? 

• Sanitary • Compact • Safe • Kid friendly for parents to file the Children's Nails • Comfortable to hold & file your nails • Washable

You can contact them via the following methods.
Phone: (619)523 552
Web page:
FB Page: File Wise Nail File The Original 

You will enjoy filling your nails in this new & safe way!

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  1. How do you Sanitize your emery boards?
    With my glass file I always use a hand sanitizer spray and rinse with water and it is good to go. This was the main reason why I swapped to glass files instead of emery boards. Every emery board I have ever had has always shriveled up in the edges within days. And ended up spending more a year than the 18£ I used investing in a glass file that has lasted my for 2 years so far.

    1. Hello Dina, to sanitize these Emery boards are simply to put the nail file under running water and to brush the grit surfaces lightly. It can also be in-merged into water or sanitizing solutions. Pat them dry and allow to air dry for 24 hours before re-use.