Friday, 4 December 2015

#SSBNailChallenge | Purple

Good morning beauties,

It's nearly weekend and also not so long anymore then most of you would be on holiday or vacation.
During this time of the year we are looking forward to a nice ralaxing time after a long hectic year where we can just relax even if most of us spend the time at home!

I have decided to paint my nails in Purple form Image.  It a lovely rich colour and i would wear this colour for an evening out as well.

I must confess for this budget friendly Nail Polish from Pep Stores it's really a lovely colour for the Winter and for Christmas time to paint your nails with.  Anyone can have a lovely manicure that they can do for themselves at home.

This manicure that i've just done are part of the #SSBNailchallenge and what makes this challenge different from the rest is that there are no time limit you can do this in your own pace or it could also serve as an inspiration when you don't know what to blog about.

Here are the list if you are interested to partake in the self paces challenge.

Take care,


  1. Love that colour I used to have the same purple by Avon many years ago but it was Matt. I like the shimmer of yours!

    1. Thank you. I wont wear any polish from Avon since there products are not animal cruelty free. Thanks for stopping by. .

  2. Gorgeous colour! Love the idea of this for a night out. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thank you, with a lovely shiny top Coat it's perfect!