Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Hello beauties,

Summer are here in full swing!  Yesterday we had an HOT day in Cape Town - 35'C! So with temperatures like that most people would like to spend some time at the beach and who would like to have naked nails on the beach!?  No one right?

So I've picked five of my favourite colours that are wonderful for young and older people to wear! ☺

Doesn't these colours just looks fabulous for some Summer fun in the sun!?

Tip Top Nail Chic Melting Marshmallow 10ml

This colour are perfect for almost any occasion and i could even convince my mother to wear some nail polish, since the only nail polish she ever had on her nail was a clear one, until i could paint her fingers with this colour.

Tip Top Nail Chic Love That Shine 10ml

This are the one that i like to wear on my toes, especially when i'm on the beach and see how my toes have that sparkle! This shade was part of their latest range that was released last year and their are none left at the Clicks stores anymore. 

Tip Top Nail Chic Sexy Bikini 10ml

I just like the name of this one and that's also the reason why I've decided to purchase this one! When i feel down i like to paint my nails with this colour, it lighten me up in an instant! 

image Nail Enamel HOT PINK 6ml

I've purchased this one at Pep Stores.  Have a really glossy shine to it without even a Top Coat. 

Belle Collection #2602C 

This one i've purchased at Jet. easy to apply and i like that it's a small bottle perfect to take with your on the Holidays. 

I would love to hear what are your favourt nail polishes to paint your nails when going to the beach?  Have you painted your nails in any one of these colours? 

Till later, 


  1. Love pink! And I love nail Polish. Im doing a review on the Yardley London range I got for my bday. My favorite from that range is the gelac fascia pink

    1. I would like to read that post! When was it your bday, mine's not that far in the future anymore, just a few days after the New Year when everyone are broke! Anyway I'm grateful for the things i do have.

  2. They're all very pretty but I think 'Melting Marshmallow' is my favourite :) Great post!