Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Good morning beauties,

Are you feeling the festive vibes yet?  If not why don't you inject some of the festive cheer that are about to float around you onto your nails...

I'm thinking of keeping it simple and yet festive with a jab of festive colours! I'm thinking of painting my paws with a little bit of green, white, red, gold and silver glitter - you do have to sparkle!!

I mean hello it's the festive season and we have a reason to be happy - actually plenty of reasons!
Mine are it's a time to reflect of the year that are behind us; what lesson have we learn in life, work and in our friendships?

This is also the time that we spend with our loved ones, just remember to tell the people that are important to you how YOU feel about them.  You never know how much time we are blessed to have them in our lives until it's to late...

Here are my manicure for this festive season.

I've used the following nail products to achieve this manicure:

♫ essence the gel base coat (Clicks / Dischem)
♪  Just be gorgeous - Emerald Green (Jet Stores)
♫ Tip Top Nail Chic - Gold Digger (*Clicks)
♪  Tip Top Nail Chic - Cream Puff (Clicks)
♫ Tip Top Nail Chic - Cherry's In The Snow (Clicks)
♪  Tip Top Nail Chic - Snow Capped Glitter (Clicks)

Want to know the steps:

• Paint the nails with a base coat.  I've used essence, but any good base coat will work.  It's important for your manicure to last longer.  The base coat are like double sided sticky tape it bonds the polish to your nails - don't paint your nails with polish first.
• I've applied one coat of Just be gorgeous - Emerald Green on all my fingers except my ring finger.
• Paint two coats of Tip Top Gold Digger onto my nails.
• I've used a my nail art brush to paint a stroke of Cream Puff nail polish on all the fingers with the Emerald Green on.
• Paint one coat of Snow Capped Glitter on my ringer finger.
• Used my dotting tools to paint the red dots on my nails with Cherry's in the snow.

What are your reason(s) to be happy about this time of the year? I really would love to hear and I would also like to know what do you think of this festive manicure?  Keep a look for my next blog, since i will have another festive manicure...

Till next time,