Thursday, 5 November 2015


Good morning beauties,

Get ready for Summer beauties! ☺  With the latest trend from Pep Stores it affordable for everyone to have stunning lips!

I present to you the lip gloss range from image that you can purchase at Pep Stores for R12.99

Shade: Strawberry  

Packaging: The packaging is transparent, which makes it possible for you to know how much quantity is left.

Application: Very easy to apply, to some it might be a bit ticklish.

My opinion about this product: I really like the smell of the product.  It provides a nice glossy finish with no sticky after feel.  I like to wear it and it keep my lips most.

Shade: Nectarine

Packaging:  Transparent

Application: Easy.

My opinion about this product: The Nectarine are my second best flavour from the range that they stock.  According to my knowledge they have the Strawberry, Nectarine and clear.  So to those out there that don't want a tint of colour on there lips can go for the clear shade. There's no excuse for not taking care after your lips in this Summer time!

To those that might not know Pep stores have a loyalty program.  You simply visit your nearest branch with your ID and submit your cell number. You don't need to pay to join the club - it's free. 

You earn LUCKIES every time you use your card to pay  your purchases or when you buy airtime etc. You use these luckies to enter for competitions.  And yes you do win, I've already won three virtual vouchers.  They send your vouchers via your cellphone number that you registered with.  I've purchased these goodies with a voucher that I've won. 

Till next time take care of your lips during this warm season!

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