Saturday, 14 November 2015


Hallo beauties, 

 Many of you are aware of what happening in Paris.  You can just go to Google and you will find many pictures and news stories from all over the globe regarding these latest events.  It’s hard breaking to see all these people that have lost their loved ones in such a way my thoughts and prayers are with them. 


You will have seen the above picture in the media that states PRAY FOR PARIS and yes we should, but this have also made me aware why we always want to ask for prayer when things go wrong?  Shouldn't we always pray for all of human kind? 

Have the world really went so cruel that we kill other people?  What do these people want to accomplish with this?  What the reason behind all of this?  Maybe this a wakeup call for all of us to realize that we must learn to respect one another! 

To show my support for PARIS I have decided to paint my nails in the colours of their flag and to make a dotted black ribbon on one of my nails.

May we all pray we one another and show support to our fellow human beings – everything in life starts with us as an individual…

Stay blessed!

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