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{Some of you might have read this post before, but since blogger had some issues, I’ve decided to deleted the post and to schedule it for Sunday and to make the post more interesting, so keep reading and I would really love to hear your thoughts regarding this illness – thank you} 

 I dedicate this post to every person that is a survivor, going through this battle of Pancreatic Cancer. This type of Cancer doesn't get much attention in the media, but it's one of the worst Cancers among the rest.  According to a recent global survey found that 60% of people know "absolute nothing" about this disease.

 I think most people only became more aware of this illness of Patrick Swayze who has passed away in 2009 due to Pancreatic Cancer.  He’s name became famous in the movie Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing - Final Dance

If you haven't watched this dance before, i would definitely recommend you do see at least this part of the movie. This is one of my famous parts of the movie!


World Pancreatic Cancer Day (13 November) goal is to bring much needed focus and attention to the disease, especially the need for increased symptom awareness and greater awareness.   Please click on the poster that I've added about the Signs & Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer - knowledge is power - be informed. 


• Wear purple and make sure to snap a picture and share it on social media with the following hashtag #WPCD

Any shade of purple are fine, just wear it and if you have a purple ribbon wear it with your clothes!  Awareness start with everyone!

• Paint your nails purple and share it on social media with the hashtag #WPCD 

I've shown my support by: 

The nail polish that I’ve used are:

Essence the gel nail polish Base Coat
Essence the gel polish amazed by you #52
Essence the gel nail polish a whisper of spring #21 - dotted ribbon
Essence the gel nail polish Top Coat
Dotting Tool is from Planet Nails.

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