Thursday, 12 November 2015


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My family are living more on the green side of life.  We care for the environment we live in; in every way possible whether  it's by recycling or using products that are not harmful to mother nature.

So today I'm going to introduce to you a Lavender Hill Bath Pack that I absolutely love. I've purchased this product from Faithful to Nature

This pack consist of three items it's the Essential Lavender Oil, Essential Lavender Soap  & Lavender Bath Salt. 

All these products contains lavender oil which is known for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal anti-depressant, antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  It also has antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifying and sedative effects.

Lavender oil is one of the most well known essential oils in aromatherapy.  


•  Calming effect (Sprinkle on pillow or add a few drops to your bath water) 

• Induces sleep and helps with insomnia. 

• Relieve of headache when breathed in or rubbed on the skin of temple & neck. 

• Heals burns, insect bites, stings, infections, sunburn, skin irritation, skin disorder (e.g. after shave, rashes, eczema) 

• Stops itching. 

• Pain relief for sore & tense muscles. 

• Repels mosquitoes and moths. 

• Safe for animals to stop itching and heals wounds.(diluted) 

I can state that this product really claims what it states, since i had some muscles that were really sore after a long day and i could feel the difference the following day that it has helped a lot.  Furthermore i had a headache last night and i sprinkle just one drop on my pillow and soon my headache were a thing of the past and i had a good night sleep! 


• All natural, essential lavender soap.

• Handmade using beeswax, coconut, sunflower seed and lavender essential oil.

• Assists with stress relief.

• Assist in healing of burns, insect bites, stings, infections and skin disorders.

• Leave skin moisturized, conditioned and hydrated.

• Lathers skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft.

• Lavender oil in soap has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties. 

I was very impressed with this beauty bar. It lathers quit well onto your loofah My skin was feeling so smooth and silky after my relaxing bath. 


• Natural bath salts. with essential lavender oil.

• Strong lavender sent.

• Relaxing and soothing effect on the body and mind.

• Helps relieve insomnia.

• Relief of sore muscles.

The bath salts really makes a difference to your every day bath.  Just add a scoop or hand full of these salt. You will feel the tension leaving your body and you will the tension leaving your body and you will feeling at ease and will give you the added rest that you deserve. 


♥ It's handmade   ♥ Natural ingredients   ♥ Made locally   ♥ Packaging is recyclable


You can order these items and other lovely goodies from Faithful to Nature.  They are an online Organic Shop.  Visit the shop by clicking on this link:

They deliver the items to your door for free when you spend R350 or more.

Visit their on-line store and register for the newsletter and you will receive all the latest news and you will receive a R100 voucher just for signing up.

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