Monday, 23 November 2015


Hallo beauties,

For my second post for this link-up from Hobby Polish Bloggers group Ive decided to do a similar nail art that i've done earlier this year.  You can read my post here 

I've decided to use different shades of pink from the nail polishes that I've purchased from our local Pep Stores that are really a great bargain and great on the budget!  Absolutely no excuse for not having great looking nails for the summer holiday!

It's only recently that I've noticed that they started to sell make-up related goodies. So please keep a lookout on my blog, since i will do some more nail swatches and lip gloss reviews in the future!

I've used three shades of pink for this manicure. My base colour are rose pink.  I've done a manicure with this colour for Breast cancer Awareness and it's just a lovely colour on it's own!

For my stripe that I've painted in the middle of my nail are HOT PINK . Once that were dry i've used a dotting tool to create dots in the middle of the line.

I can't wait for when i can visit the sea again, it's one of the best places to be. To breath in the fresh air of te sea and to walk down the beach with an ice-cream would just be an extra joy, especially if it'sone from Hout Bay Beach! One of the best beaches for me to visit!!

Till next time,


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    1. Thank you, Dina! Are you going to partake in this link-up from Hobby Polish Bloggers or not?

  2. Cute mani. Also the fruit sweetie ones in your blog header look AWESOME! do you have a link to that blog post?

    1. Thank you, here's the link to the Sugar nail art that you want to see.