Saturday, 28 November 2015


Good morning beauties,

I'm sure that many of you would be aware that from 25th November - 10 December are days that have been marked to show awareness  for Violence against Woman

I have decided to use this opportunity with the link-up with the Hobby Polish Bloggers Group where we are doing this month a Monochromatic theme that this would be a good time to promote the awareness for Violence against Woman.

 So what can we do to show support the end violence against woman and girls?

• Social Media

You can change your banners to orange.
Post photo's of the things that you do to show case what you are doing to show that you care by wearing a orange ribbon.
Wear anything that are orange related clothing like a orange tie, shirt, pants and also hair accessories,
For us ladies you can paint your nails in orange anything just to get the message out.

Many of us in South Africa our most beloved soapie 7de Laan are currently promoting this theme where Aggie who works in the Hillside Times have fallen in-love with Themba, but just shortly after the second date he claim "your mine"  She must always do the things he wants her to do.  She can't have any plans on her own and must always answer he's calls and when she doesn't he gets very angry and yells at her.


At one point things have really turned for the bad when he hits her face. Luckily Bernard just came into the Hillside Times before he wanted to hit her again. Luckily she have made an end to the "relationship".  I just hope that he doesn't return at all.

So with the group that i'm a member  of HPB here are my manicure in support of Violence Againt Women. 

This was a easy no complicated mani.  I wanted to do something that everyone can do to promote this, to show that they care about this cause.

For my base colour i have decided to paint my nails with Tip Top Nail Chic #907 Peach Crisp

For the final i've painted a layer of Tip Top Nail Chic #1033 Ready Steady Glow. It's one of their latest released nail polishes.

Till next time,

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