Saturday, 21 November 2015


Hallo beauties,

How are you all doing!?
In South Africa we have Summer with the occasional rainy days.  It's such a lovely time to spend time outdoors! Do you still remember your childhood days of being outdoors and lay in the garden, looking to the clouds above and just to dream...

Many children these days don't have those carefree days anymore, they spens more time indoors playing the whole day on there Computers, tablets, I-pad's, cellphones, TV games etc. They just don't have the real friendship bonding with other children and on the other hand it's just not safe anymore for children to play these days.

Did you made some effort to spend some quality time with your child recently?  Spend some time with them get to know them, what they like to enjoy.

20 November was Universal Children's Day 

I'm part of the group NEW Crumpets Nail Tarts and the topic was Grey + colour and my specific style was to use a fan brush.

Children like to paint pictures, drawing and just to have fun with paint.  As a former teacher i know that they enjoy being creative than to sit passive the whole.  Thus my idea for my design comes from being creative and just to have fun.

 I must say that i didn't had a clue how well my nails would look, since this is my first attempt at doing this and i must confess i like this style a lot, i would definitely think of more designs for using the fan brush.


Painted my nails with essence serendipity. It my base colour, hence the prompt.


I used my fan brush for the red "stripes' in my nails. This colour are from RALO Cosmetics Professional range rich metallic finish 93 - Strawberry

Step 3: 

My socond colour that I've used were from TipTop Nail Chic - #977 Jazz Berryblue. It's one of my fovourite colours from them. 

I would love to hear what you think of my nail design. 
Till next time, 


  1. Awesome mani! I love those colors together. ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. I agree i really liked this style, at first i wasn't that impressed when i've googled for some inspiration...but when i painted mine - lets just say my ideas have changed!