Saturday, 10 October 2015


Good morning beauties,

I'm so glad that it's much cooler now in the night than it was in the day!  I've got a feeling that this summer are going to be a real hot Summer!

Today's prompt in 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge we have a colour - teal - and my style was dotting tools.  It was only last week that I've purchased my set of dotting tools and i must still get used to them.

At first i wondered what kind of pattern i wanted to make my dots, I've tried it first on paper and it looked great, but when i wanted to do the same on my nails! Oh boy, it sucked!! So i just kept it as simple as possible not to bad, but i have to master the skill to work with these nail art equipment.

I've decided to use a greenish colour for the center row of dots that would represent the seaweed that are in the ocean. Then to add the focus to those dots I've added one row of white dots on each side and white will represent the foam that the waves are making as it reached the seashore.

I'm satisfied for the way it turned out and i'm going to keep this manicure for Sunday it would match my blazer that i'm going to wear!

I'm sure the rest of the groups manicures are better than mine.  feel free to check them out.

I've used the above products for this prompt. essence the gel Base Coat. I must say their Base Coat are lovely to work with. My colour that i applied on my nails are from TipTop Jazz Berryblue and this are my second favourite polish from them.  For the dots I've used TipTop Cream Puff which I've received as a prize for a competion that i won. For the other set of dots that i made I've used Just be gorgeous Emerald Green.  Then I have used Revlon Ultra Shine Top Coat - lovely Top Coat and one of my best.  Gives a lovely shine and the brush are so easy to work with.

Till Next time,


  1. Nice nails and love your teal design, Big Hug and thank you for visiting my blog.

    1. Thank you so much you don't know what this means to me!

  2. Lovely dotticure. Seems like you have this technique pinned down.