Friday, 23 October 2015


Hello fellow beauties!

Hobby Polish Bloggers presents: Halloween

It's my first time that i'm doing anything scary related, since it's my first time that i'm taking part in a Halloween theme challenge and it's my first year of blogging! 

I've got a pretty good idea what Halloween are about even that we don't celebrate Halloween in South Africa and our churches are against it, since they believe it's evil. I just need to make sure that my polish are non Halloween related for Sunday.

I played some PC games that are Halloween related and seen some other images on the Internet and I must say it's impressive all the scary images out there and some are really great! 

I'm looking at you!!!! I must say that i like the way these eyes look! Are they scary for you? 

First I've applied essence the gel Base Coat, then i paint one layer of essence the gel black is back and wait for the polish to dry.  To make my eyes I've used the following; Tip Top Cream Puff and my biggest dotting tool tip to create the white part of the eyes then i made use of essence the gel nail polish fame fatal and a medium sized dotting tool to make the red dots inside the white dots. 

Feel free to leave a comment and to visit the others that are taking part with me in this challenge! 

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  1. Loving the evil eyes. Very fitting for All Hallows End

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. Love the spooky eyes. I am not surprised that some countries don't celebrate Halloween. Years ago our school stopped the term "Halloween Party" and said it was a Fall Party. We all knew better. But Halloween is a huge commercial entity here in the states.

    I have always wanted to do spooky eyes. I even did a sample on a nail wheel but went for something else in the end. Great first time spooky mani ;-]

    1. We never had any Halloween parties at schools, but you could find Halloween related stuff in the shops, it's great for business to sell these stuff, but I've never heard of any parties that we held, there may be some people that do celebrate it, but you won't promote it at all.

      I'm glad that you like my spooky eyes.

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    1. Thank you, i think the red eyes are doing the job!

  5. Super simple and fantastic Idea for a Halloween Mani!!!!! <3 it

    1. Yes, it's easy to do and it's something that kids can do for their own nails without that mommy have to help them with.

  6. Halloween is a typical american tradition, even if there are some tradins pretty close here in Italy. In my country too the Church is against Halloween, ubt we're too much globalized to do not join the party.

    I like your evil eyes. But they are not so evil, but pretty cute.