Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Good morning beauties,

Today I'm going to share a tip that I've recently discovered that works for me when i do my manicure.   Most of us like to paint our nails, but some times the clean up are are most challenging part, especially when you polish are on the skin around the nail even harder so when you do stampping etc.

So last month I've just had enough of the hassle to struggle to clean my nails and that's why i have decided to try Vaseline and some cotton buds. I've bought the small pot (10ml) of Vaseline from Jet stores for less than R5.00. This little pot are just the right size that will fit in your make-up bag!  

Before i start to paint my nails i do the following

• Clean my nails.

File my nails with this little file that I've received in the mail for review.  I will post my review later this week regarding them. 

• I use my orange stick to gently move my cuticles back.

• Then i take a cotton bud that I've just dipped in my Vaseline pot and spread the Vaseline around my the nail.

• Apply my Base Coat - wait till it's completely dry.

• Apply my polish - again wait for each layer to dry completely otherwise your nail polish will chip quickly.

• Apply Top Coat and i make sure that i cover the tip of my nail to seal the edge,this will ensure that my manicure will last longer.

How do you clean your nails after you've done your manicure?  Have you used this method if so did it work for you or not?  Would love to hear your feedback.

Till next time,


  1. Great tips! I tried vaseline the first time I water marbled and just made a bigger mess. lol Now I use scotch tape if I'm doing something messy and just clean up with acetone and a small makeup brush.

    1. Yes for water marbled nails i would definitely use scotch tape, but for normal manicure this would be more friendly on the budget too. ☺

  2. I use a eyeliner brush and some acetone for clean up .. But these are such great tips !


    1. Thank you, i think there would be other great tips to, i know that some people use Lip-Ice instead of Vaseline. But then you must have just a Lip Ice for your nails, since you can't use it for lips and nails otherwise you might get an infection.