Monday, 19 October 2015


Good morning!

Today's post are a bit different than the usual.  The collaboration are the brain child from Dina who blogs at Secretary's Nail Art  .

Those that really know me well enough will not be surprised why i have decided to paint my nails in the colours from Germany's flag.

The reason why i have decided to paint my nails in the colours from Germany's flag are simply, because my Great grandfather was born in Germany in 1866, February 28. 

I really like family history in my spare time i love to spend time compiling all the information that i currently have regarding the FOOT branch onto my program that capture all the information and that also makes a lovely family tree that you can see where we all fit in the big puzzle.  The FOOT family came to South Africa from Nieden in Germany, on board the ship "Durban", which arrived in Table Bay on Friday 27.7.1883.  Those that follow me on Twitter would have noticed that i have a short bio underneath my photo that states i'm doing our family history so you can call me a "Genealogist

The national flag of Germany consist of three equal horizontal bands of BLACK (top), RED (middle) and GOLD (bottom). 

BLACK = Determination
RED: hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
GOLD = a Symbol of generosity 

With the information above no wonder the German settlers played such an important role in South Africa's history.  The settlers played a huge role in the agriculture in the Cape Flats without them there wouldn't have been any fresh vegetables for people to eat, since there was absolutely nothing here in the flats when they arrived in 1883. 

I can really be proud of my heritage, since they made what South African thought that are impossible a reality. 

I have painted my nails from essence the gel nail polish black is back, essence the gel nail polish fame fatal & Tip Top Gold Digger. (Received the gold nail polish as a gift for a competition that was held by Tip Top). 

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  1. Family history, that is so cool!

    We traced my family back a few 100 years as a wedding present to my brother, and did the same for his wife. We discovered that most likely 200 years back their ancestors was involved with each other. First wife on our side, and second wife on her side.
    As they are from different countries you can imagine our surprise. haha.

    Thank you so much for joining in, and I love what you did with it.

    1. Thank you for the complement, much appreciated! Yip, family history are wonderful and challenging too!

  2. What a fun hobby/interest! Have you tried doing the DNA swab to add to your findings? I'm tempted to try that to see where I'm from and my grandmother's are from. :)

    1. No, i haven't done that would be quite expensive, but it would be interesting to to see where we all came from. Good luck with your research if you are going that route, it's hard work and some joys and many frustrations comes to this massive task.

  3. Impressive family history. Gorgeous nail art too.