Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Hallo beauties,

So how are you all doing today?  I'm just glad that we had a little of wonderful sunshine weather today, since yesterday were all wet!

I want to share some sweetness your way today!  I felt to do some sugar nail art today, since it's still early Spring time here and what other lovely way than to eat some JELLY TOTS and at the same time doing your nails!

Doesn't this just looks yummy! It's one of Beacon new Jelly Tots flavours "craziberries flavoured. The flavours are Cherry, Raspberry, Blackberry & Strawberry. They were so lovely to nibble on and those that know me well i simply love berries! ☺

My inspiration came from this packet of Jelly Tots! Was fun to play with these little sweeties! I hope that Summer would be just the same...full of sweetness! ☺

To create this sugar nail art:

1) Make sure your nails are clean.
2) Paint a Base Coat of nail Polish.
3) I've used the following four shades - Ballet-pink (Sarie), Manic Minds (Tip Top), Cherry's In The Snow (Tip Top), Whisper of Spring (essence). These colours represent the four colours from the Jelly Tots. Let this dry completely.
4) Apply Top Coat on one finger then dip your finger in the sugar, then you move towards the second finger till all your fingers are done.

To remove this sugar manicure from your nails, simply put your hands in warm water for a few minutes so that the sugar will melt, once the sugar are off remove the polish with Polish remover.

You don't have to use this specific colours, but i would suggest to use neon or dark colours for this sugar nail art.

This manicure are not long lasting, since you can't wash your hands or come into contact with any liquids on your nails, since the sugar will melt. 

Would you paint your nails this way?  Have you done something similar? Would so love to hear! 


  1. That looks like such a fun idea... Loved the nails ... So stunning !


  2. Very cool! I never would have thought to try something like this.

    1. Thanks! I want to try some other nail art too, but my fingers have got to be longer, since i broke a nail of mine yesterday! ;-(