Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Good morning fellow beauties,

Recently Oh So Heavenly have manufactured some new products in their Lip Care range. So i have decided to purchase the new Shimmer Lip Gloss. 

The moment that I've noticed this product i wanted to purchase this lip gloss, since i know most products from them are heavenly and the other products in this line are super quality! 

While i was looking at this particular lip gloss and I've read the following "Strawberry flavour for extra kissable lips!" that was just the line to convince me to buy it.  I'm crazy about strawberries okay any berries.  What can i say I'm a berry girl! 

So what do i like about this product?  My lips are feeling smooth and silky. Loved the aroma of the product. The product are "enriched with real micro-fine diamond particles for gorgeous radiance"This would give you a reason to smile with some diamonds on the lips! It's also quite resonantly priced for only R 23.95 at Clicks stores.  

The only downfall for this lip gloss are the taste. It's just not that great for me. I mean if a product states "kissable lips" then surely it must taste better? 

Have you tried this particular product in the range of lip care products from Oh So heavenly? 

Till next time, 

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