Monday, 28 September 2015


Hallo Beauties, 

This weekend i was awarded for an Liebster award. I was nominated by Ari Malik who loves all things that has to do with Art.  Thank you so much for nominating me. You can visit her blog at 

So what is an Liebster award? 

The liebster award was creaqted to recognize and or discover new bloggers and to welcome them to the blogosphere.  In the digital world of the Internet. 

How to accept the Liebster award: 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. 
  2. Copy & paste the Liebster Award bage in your post. 
  3. Nominated 11 other bloggers. 
  4. Answer 11 questions for you and created 11 other questions for your nominees. 
  5. Notify your nominees on their blog. 
So Ari had a list of 11 question to ask me, which for your readers out their is a great way to know me better. 

Here are the 11 questions

1. What's the one thing that makes you happy?

I would say to take a walk on the beach with an Ice-cream. 

2. What's your favourite colour?


3. What's your dream job?

It would be to a librarian.  I love to read and to get lost in a really good book! 

4. What dream/s do you want to complete?

I actually have a bucket list on the back of my room - so there's actually a lot that i still want to complete if possible.  Some of them are to do a photography coarse, to take a photo of a sunset & sunrise etc.  

 5. What kind of person do your friends describe you as?

Someone that are always their if they need someone in times of sadness or just to be with them. 

6. Do you have any pets?

I don't have any pets currently. Previously i had a bird called "Raasgat" and when i was younger i had another bird called " Tikkie  " and three other dogs named "Wollie", "Snippie" and "Sokkies"

7. What's your dream vacation?

Any place that near the sea so that i can take a stroll in the morning hours. 

8. What's your favourite memory so far?

Drinking strawberry milkshake when my grandmother was still alive. She used to gave money to my sister to bought those little sachet that she had to buy at school for me. 

9. Who's your favourite singer?

Elvis Costelle - from the soundtrack "She" Notting Hill

10. Who do you look up to?

In the blogshere I would say Pink Peonies { Luzanne } 

11. What are your obsessions?

Doughnuts, nail polish, books & milkshakes 

Now here are my 11 questions for my nominees

  1. When you are given a chance for a "me moment" what would you do? 
  2. What are your favourite season and why? 
  3. Why did you started blogging? 
  4. What's your favourite author or book? 
  5. If you could change one decision you have made, what would it be? 
  6. What time of day do you write the best content for your blog? 
  7. What do you like about blogging? (Be honest) 
  8. What's your favourite form of social media and why? 
  9. What motivates you in life? 
  10. What your favourite nail polish colour & brand? 
  11. What was your favourite blog post you've written? Please include the link. 
My nominees: 

Thanks again Ari for nominating me. 

Till next time,