Monday, 13 July 2015

TIP TOP NAIL CHIC: Nuts About You - Review & Swatche

Good morning beauties, 

I hope that you batteries are refreshed for the week ahead! 

Last week i was wearing the Nuts About You Colour from Tip Top.  At first i wondered if i should buy this colour, but then i remember it would look great to wear with the jacket that i receive so much compliments from complete strangers!  I must admit it's a lovely jacket to wear in this cold winter that we are having this winter in Cape Town.  I were just lucky to have just jacket that my sister has decided to check it away and i took hold of the opportunity to grab it for myself! ☺ 

I must say that I really like this colour to wear in winter!  It also reminds me of my favourite drink - Hot Chocolate! Who doesn't enjoy a Cup of Hot Chocolate - that my alone time moment!! Anyway, here are my personal thoughts about this colour. 

I really like the Tip Top Nail colour bottles and as regarding to the brush i found it to be smooth, well shaped and easy to work with. It's also toxin free so no hard smell of the nail varnish.  

On the photo above you will see that It's a lovely rich warmly colour to wear in winter! I've have painted to coats as indicated on the bottle.  It's easy to apply and i had no staining from this colour at all. 

So what are your thought about this colour?  Would you wear this?  Would like to know what you have to say. 

Thank you for reading & commenting! 

See you soon...until next time please stay connected! 

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